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   Chapter 401 Suspicious Vehicles

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 9949

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One hundred million and one was a large sum of money to Daisy, but it was only a fraction to Edward. With an elegant stroke of his golden pen on the check, 'A Beauty's Tears of Blood' now belonged to Daisy.

As Daisy's slender fingers stroked the seemingly pulsing crystals of the necklace, she felt her mother's warmth. When her fingertips touched the bloody teardrop-shaped stone, she felt suffocated.

In Daisy's memory, her mother was a gentle beautiful woman with a delicate classical bearing that few modern women possessed. Eyes would follow her at the sight of her striking elegance. Daisy's heart trembled when she touched the sparkling stone. It felt as if she could feel her mother's tears and blood.

"What's wrong?" Seeing the melancholy on Daisy's face, Edward frowned and wondered what triggered her emotions.

"This necklace used to belong to a royal family in the Qing Dynasty. In that case, my mother was the offspring of an aristocratic family. That's why she seemed so distinguished, "

Daisy replied offhandedly, without moving her eyes away from the necklace in her hands.

"Then it sounds like I married a member of the royal family. My status seems to have been elevated. I'm related to an emperor now. You can't call me a sly businessman anymore."

Unable to see Daisy so sad, Edward made a joke every time she got upset to distract her.

"Hey! You're haggling with me again. This is exactly why you're a sly businessman." Daisy laughed at Edward's quip, temporarily forgetting the painful memory about her mother.

"Let's get out of here. Time to go home, honey." Edward smiled affectionately. He didn't mind what she said, as long as she was happy. All businessmen had to be sly to succeed. Edward took Daisy's words as a compliment.

"Okay." Daisy carefully put the necklace back into the case before walking outside with Edward. Everyone around them cast envious looks at her when they passed by.

"Wait!" Jessica shouted behind them just as Edward and Daisy were about to enter the car.

"What can I do for you, Miss Lin?" Instead of the indifferent mask she usually wore, Daisy had a happy smile on her face. It seemed the necklace made her very happy. But in Jessica's eyes, Daisy's smile was mocking.

"Edward, the Lin Group's stocks keep dropping. Do you have anything to do with it?" Jessica ignored Daisy and fixed her eyes on Edward.

"Yes, I do, " Edward said indifferently. Jessica was lucky that he hadn't gotten even with her yet. She was bold enough to come to Edward like this.

"Why?" Hearing Edward's response, Jessica staggered with shock. Reality was so cruel. Edward admitted it so easily, he didn't even care to deny it. Jessica was mortified, she felt like a clown in Daisy's presence.

"Think about what you did! Since you didn't take my warning seriously, prepare for the consequences!"

Edward retorted, ice flashing in his blue eyes. Jessica's last hope shattered.

"I... I don't know what you'r

s excellent precision and controllable recoil, better than the Glock in terms of direction and structure. Each magazine has 12 bullets, not many, but it's very powerful and expensive. Where did you get it?"

Daisy listed the weapon's assets as she explored the exquisite handgun. Her strong suit was the rifle, which she used a lot in military school.

"Wow, impressive. I see you learned a lot in military school. Let's see your performance later." Edward gave Daisy the thumbs-up in appreciation.

"Don't change the subject. Where did you get the gun?" Daisy rolled her eyes and fixed Edward a look.

"Do you think I'll carry a gun illegally? Relax. I have a permit." Edward smiled. The people following behind were just a piece of cake in his eyes. Because he'd been in this kind of situation every now and then, he'd gotten used to it. Obscure hooligans had stalked him in the past. Would they encounter big bosses this time? He was actually looking forward to facing them.

Meanwhile, in the garrison headquarters of S city, the warden stood in front of the furious commander and Kevin. He kept his head bowed down, too frightened to look at either of them.

"When did this happen? Why did you wait so long to report it? This is outrageous!" The commander rarely got mad, but he was now burning with anger. His sharp eyes glanced back and forth between the warden and the chief of the Public Security Bureau.

"It happened three days ago. We planned to catch them by ourselves, but we failed to track them and had to call in support, "

The chief answered timidly, his head kept low.

"How did he break out?" Kevin asked with knitted brows. He wasn't afraid that they couldn't find the escaped prisoner, but that he might take revenge on Daisy. After all, she was the reason the prisoner had been caught. With Daisy's recent appearance at the anniversary ceremony of the FX International Group, news about her was everywhere. She could easily become their target.

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