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   Chapter 400 100,000,001

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 9807

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Edward said nothing and looked at her quietly. Finally, he sighed and embraced her. For a woman with a strong personality and identity like Daisy, he could do nothing about it.

"Is this important to you?" Edward murmured, keeping his eyes on the necklace that Daisy was looking at. He wondered what the necklace meant to Daisy.

"Yes. It belonged to my mother before. I have to get it back." Daisy had a determined look on her face. She had to get the necklace back at all costs.

"What? This was your mother's necklace? How did it end up at the auction?" Edward started to take the auction seriously, and his gaze becoming sharp.

"I don't know. It disappeared with my mother's death. I didn't expect to see it here. I've never thought I'd ever see it again."

Daisy's lips curled upward, but the smile didn't reach her eyes.

"Don't worry. I'm here." Since it was his mother-in-law's legacy, he would definitely get the necklace for Daisy. After all, it was the first time she asked him for something.

"Well..." Daisy opened her mouth to thank him. But remembering Edward's anger, she swallowed back the words. When Edward said "I'm here, " Daisy was deeply touched. In many cases, the most touching words weren't "love you" or "together", but "I'm here."

"Ladies and gentlemen, we're now going to bid for a precious item from an imperial concubine in the Qing Dynasty. Look carefully, it has a high collection value that ordinary treasures do not compare with. It also has a sad but beautiful name, 'A Beauty's Tears of Blood."

The host deliberately paused to add suspense and arouse the audience's interest. Looking at the audience's excitement, the host continued, "This is the most precious item for the auction, so there's no need to mention how expensive it is. Its starting price will be much higher than the rest."

As soon as the host finished speaking, the guests immediately got excited. Everyone wanted to know how expensive the item was.

"Alright, please calm down. Now, the hostess will show you the item." The host waved his hand, signalling for silence.

As the guzheng music slowly played, an extremely attractive hostess appeared onstage in an evening gown. The moment she came into view, everyone was fascinated by the necklace on her neck.

No words could be used to describe the beauty of the necklace. It was a string of bright tourmalines, with a blood-red transparent crystal in the shape of a teardrop at the bottom, which clung to the model's white skin like the tears of blood shed by a beauty. The blood-red jewel sparkled brightly like a beautiful sunset, giving the impression that your hand would be stained with blood if you touched it. It was so beautiful that it made you not able to take eyes off it and made you feel thrilled.

Illuminated by the lights, the sparkling teardrop crystal resembled flowing blood. The necklace was even more beautiful and striking in contras

't worried about how that's gonna make you look?" Despite her words, Daisy felt very happy. After all, she would get back her mother's necklace that had been missing for years. This would be the first time she would possess something that belonged to her mother. How could she remain calm?

"Don't underestimate the power of one dollar. Even a single dollar in bids may reverse the whole situation." As a business genius, Edward knew this very well. This was why he won most cases. After all, no one could compare to him in wisdom and wealth.

"100, 000, 001, going twice. Ladies and gentlemen, does anyone want to raise the bid?" As the host spoke, he knew that the price wouldn't go up anymore. But he still hoped that there would be one or two people daring to set themselves against FX International Group, so the price might increase.

"100, 000, 001, going thrice. Sold! 'A Beauty's Tears of Blood' now belongs to Mr. Edward Mu of the FX International Group." After the host's announcement, Daisy finally got her mother's heirloom back.

"Honey, thank you!" Daisy couldn't help kissing Edward before turning to look at the beautiful necklace with a bright smile. It was evident how happy she was.

"You look so happy." Edward gently pinched her nose, his eyes full of tenderness.

"Yes!" After removing her identity as a female officer and taking off her military uniform, Daisy was easily moved like any other woman.

Jessica's face turned pale at the result. She clenched her fist so hard that her nails dug into her skin. But she didn't feel any pain. This must be love. Why did Edward spend 100 million to please Daisy? Didn't he know how much that would upset her?

When Edward bought the 'Soul of Tears' necklace for her that cost him 20 million, Jessica thought it proved Edward's love for her. But today, he spent 100 million on Daisy, making her realize how ridiculous her previous thoughts were and how fragile her pride was.

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