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   Chapter 398 A Beauty’s Tears Of Blood (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6193

Updated: 2018-11-03 01:29

"Honey, are you speaking for Anna? Why don't I know that you two have gotten close to each other?" Edward held Daisy's hand as they walked into the elevator. He pressed the button for the first floor.

"I'm not speaking for her. I only appreciate her attitude towards work." Daisy smiled gently. Few people could arouse her interest and Anna was one of them.

"Oh! Since Colonel Ouyang thinks highly of her, it seems that she deserves to get a raise. Even if it isn't for her good work performance, I will do this for your high compliment," Edward said.

Actually, Anna's salary was among the top in this trade, almost at the same level with Aaron's. This would never happen in other companies. Nonetheless, since his beloved wife proposed it, Edward didn't mind increasing her salary a little bit.

The night gave off a mysterious air with the dazzling lights, which was tempting especially in those high-end luxurious places where temptation existed in every corner.

Being one of the elites in S city, Edward was no stranger to the Royal Shore. He was often invited as a distinguished guest to attend the high-end auctions organized here. After dinner, he took Daisy and walked leisurely into the luxurious place. The architecture and the event inside exuded mystery.

As soon as Edward entered, he was taken by a veteran staff member to a secluded VIP box due to his noble status. The atmosphere in the private room matched Daisy's preference for quietness.

"There's a strong sense of class consciousness here." As soon as the staff left, Daisy looked out the carefully designed window of the private room. Compared to the noisy crowd outside, the box was indeed a lot quieter. But they could still hear some sounds when people talked very loudly.

"This is how the social system works. There's no class hierarchy." Edward said w

? Daisy hadn't shown up in Edward's life before, so why did she show up now? Why did she suddenly change her mind and destroy all the things she had strived for?

Jessica closed her eyes in anguish. Even her heavy makeup failed to conceal her dejection. She was exhausted from being busy all day finding a solution to get the Lin Group out of trouble. She thought about coming here to take a chance on her luck, but she didn't expect to be greeted by such a heartbreaking scene.

"Edward, what do you think makes a woman so persistent to hold onto a man? Is it really just love?" Daisy shifted her eyes away from Jessica and looked at Edward casually, suddenly feeling very sad.

"It's difficult to say. Sometimes it's closely related to wealth and social status." Edward knew Daisy must have seen Jessica, or she wouldn't have asked this. But he didn't think what Jessica felt about him was actually love. In his eyes, she loved him because of glory and vanity.

"It's starting." Daisy changed the topic. She didn't want to bother herself with this and make things awkward with Edward. Not only would she feel troubled, but she would also end up hurting other people if she continued to cling to it. This was an unwise choice.

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