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   Chapter 395 A Cup Of Tea (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5272

Updated: 2018-11-03 00:46

"You're flattering me, Miss Anna. I don't know much about the tea ceremony. I've only learned a little about tea-making process, I haven't mastered the essence of tea-making. Here, have some." Daisy carefully poured the brewed tea into a small cup, offering a cup of fragrant tea to Anna.

"Thank you, Mrs. Mu." Anna didn't refuse Daisy's kindness. She took the cup and had a sip. The sweet and fragrant taste lingered in her mouth.

Anna couldn't help but gasp in admiration.

"How does it taste? They say the flavor will linger in your mouth for a long time." Daisy glanced at her with a smile on her face, making another cup for Edward. She didn't forget that she came here to make tea for her husband.

"Indeed, what a marvelous taste! It's so amazing. Although we use the same tea leaves, yours tastes completely different from the tea we make." As a secretary of a multinational company, Anna had some knowledge nearly in all fields. But since her boss didn't like drinking tea, she knew very little about tea-making.

"The taste is influenced by the process and equipment used in brewing it. Of course, water temperature is also very important. I need to go now, but I can teach you how to brew tea when I'm free another day. Then you can serve Edward some tea." Daisy picked up the tray with the tea, and walked out of the tea room in satisfaction. She smiled merrily as she walked away. The bright smile on her face was so different from her usual blank expression, that Anna almost doubted her eyes. But she dared not offer tea to her CEO unless he asked. A

in a different position too." The more time he spent with her, the more he enjoyed flirting with her. Who would've thought that such a domineering officer could be so shy in private?

"That's enough. Get to work. Do you really want to do overtime? I see you still have time to tease me." Daisy's face sank. Her cold tone returned as she glanced at the desk.

"Overtime? That's out of the question. Don't forget that I'm the boss of this company. I'm the one who decides who stays for overtime and who doesn't." Despite his words, Edward obligingly picked up the files on the desk and continued to read the documents. He didn't have the heart to make her accompany him any longer.

Daisy refilled his cup with tea and put it somewhere accessible for him. Then she turned around and placed the tray on the coffee table. She took a seat at the sofa, gracefully picking up the magazine she hadn't finished and resumed reading it. Because so many financial reports were centered on Edward, she wanted to know what the various articles said about him.

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