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   Chapter 394 A Cup Of Tea (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6184

Updated: 2018-11-03 00:23

Edward gazed at Daisy intently. His heart filled with happiness as he studied her. He liked it when she stayed within his sight.

He felt guilty when he thought about the few years that he hadn't spent with her. He felt bad about his prodigal years, but he also knew that no matter how much remorse he felt, it would never bring him back to the time they first met. He could only dote on her in the days to come, so his heart wouldn't be engulfed by bitter regret.

He looked deeply at her again before picking up the thick stack of documents on his desk. As soon as he saw the figures and projects he was familiar with, he became immersed in his own world.

Time passed quietly. Daisy watched Edward's serious face as he worked with great affection. With a hand on her chin, a faint smile graced her lips.

Edward was definitely a good-looking man. He was handsome from every angle. Especially at that moment, the focused look on his face as he looked through the documents intently gave him more charm.

It was true that when a man was working, he was most charming. Watching him quickly scrabble on a document and gaze at the computer screen had Daisy entranced. The deepest part of her heart melted at the sight.

Looking at her watch, she frowned slightly. She then stood up decisively and turned away.

"What's wrong? Are you bored?" Edward asked, raising his head. He had been discreetly paying attention to Daisy the whole time, so he sensed even the slightest movement from her.

"No, I'm not bored. I'm going to make you a cup of coffee." Daisy replied, turning back to him. Wasn't Edward busy reading the documents? Why was he still able to notice her movements?

"Oh, thank you. Espresso, no sugar." Edward wasn't expecting so much work. When he started, he intended to finish his work quickly and spend some time with Daisy.

shouldn't have asked if they had any tea. She flushed crimson because of her silly question.

"With pleasure, Mrs. Mu. This way, please." Anna's smile wasn't disdainful. She didn't mean to mock Daisy. Instead, she found Daisy's question cute. As a high-ranking official in the army, she could still make a fool of herself.

Daisy's tea-making technique was very good, it was well-known in the military. When Anna saw her technique, she couldn't help admiring it.

"Have you studied the tea ceremony, Mrs. Mu?" Usually, when a guest asked for a cup of tea, Anna and the other secretaries always made it casually. She never thought that tea-making could be so complicated.

"No, I haven't. I've learned something about tea-making by watching other people make tea." Daisy raised her head, smiling to Anna. Her serious face was softened by the smile.

"You are so talented, Mrs. Mu! If I didn't know that you're a soldier, I would think that with such skill, you're a tea master."

Anna's words weren't exaggerated flattery, but pure admiration. In her opinion, soldiers were all righteous, brutal, and wild. She thought that even female soldiers weren't interested in self-cultivation. But Daisy had broken her stereotype.

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