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   Chapter 393 You Will Be Abandoned Like Jessica

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 9291

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"Let's go inside." Daisy darted a look at Mary and brushed past her. She knew Edward was angry. The reason was simple; he didn't want to talk to a petty person. However, he had to compromise on his standards today.

Mary bit her lip and gave Daisy a fierce stare. 'Daisy, all your arrogance will disappear once I get a chance to sleep with Edward. When that happens, you can't be rude to me, can you?'

"Edward, you misunderstood me. This time I came here just for my studies. For the sake of the friendship between our families, can you please make an exception?"

With dejected eyes, Mary wore a fascinating and charming look. However, Edward didn't show any sympathy for her. Instead, he felt sick.

"Friendship? Ha-ha!" Edward squinted at Mary, "Miss Ouyang, are we on good terms with each other?"

"Without question. Isn't your wife a member of the Ouyang family?"

Edward's cold look scared Mary, but to achieve her ultimate goal, she couldn't retreat.

"Mary, how does your conscience allow you to say such words? Don't you feel ashamed?"

Daisy sneered. When did she become a valued member of the Ouyang family? Why was she unaware of such great news?

"Sis, what are you talking about? You have always been the little princess of our family. Why did you start treating us as outsiders after you got married?" No matter how much Daisy ridiculed Mary, she had to swallow humiliation and put on a smiling face to please Daisy. That was the only way to get what she wanted. At this moment, ridicule and sarcasm meant nothing to her.

"Save your breath. Don't cotton up to me with your sweet-talk. Just tell me what you want. You are the little princess of the Ouyang family, not me. I'm not eligible to have such a privilege."

"What do I want? I want to continue to learn management in the FX International Group. Can't you fulfill this small request?" Mary raised her eyebrow and looked at Daisy and Edward with a smile.

Edward laughed sneeringly and refused, "Sorry, I can't. I'm not obligated to do that. If there is nothing else, please leave."

Mary was shameless. Edward had ridiculed her many times, but she still tried to invite humiliation.

"Why?" Mary was disappointed. Edward's decision prompted her resentment. Was he behaving like this because of the bitch Daisy?

"The reason is very simple. My wife doesn't want to see you here. I think it would be best if you just give up now." Edward didn't care about any other women but Daisy, so he snubbed Mary.

Mary bit her lip and looked back at the abominable, arrogant bitch, "Daisy, you must be feeling proud. Watching me make a fool of myself must please you very much. Don't pretend to be innocent and noble."

Sure enough, Edward declined Mary's request for Daisy's sake. She didn'

he wanted to take Daisy to the event.

"OK. I'll leave then." Seeing that Edward had calmed himself down, Anna breathed a sigh of relief. She turned around, nodded to Daisy once again and left gracefully.

Edward was staring at the documents. He was lost in his thoughts. Daisy looked at him with a smile.

"Can you finish them just by staring?"

"Honey, we'd better leave. I will be exhausted after finishing them." Edward gazed at the documents with anger.

"If you don't want the FX International Group to go bankrupt, you have to finish them, come what may." Daisy stood up from the couch. She went to flip through the documents, pulled out one and placed it in front of Edward.

"Start working. I'll help you." Daisy looped around the desk and walked up to Edward. Putting her hands on Edward's shoulders, she began to massage him gently. Truth be told, even Daisy had gasped when she heard Anna saying that all these documents had to be reviewed today.

Perhaps most people just saw Edward's success, but they didn't know how much effort he had to put in to achieve what he had today. The world was fair to everyone - no pains, no gains. If Daisy were overwhelmed by the pain imposed by others and didn't work hard, she wouldn't have the success and status she had today.

"Thank you. Have a seat, or you'll be tired as well. Don't tell me that you are a strong woman. In my eyes, you are just my wife, not a colonel."

Edward put his hands on Daisy's. He wanted her to sit in his sight without doing anything for him.

"Okay. Come on!" Daisy kissed Edward on the top of his head and didn't retort. After taking off the military uniform, she was just a woman who wanted to be loved. So, she was obedient and didn't argue with him this time. She walked back to the couch and sat down, flipping through the magazine placed on it.

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