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   Chapter 392 You Really Know How To Present Your Charm

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At first, Edward's expression didn't keep up with his thoughts as Daisy's response came to him as a surprise. But soon he wore an enchanting smile, mesmerizing every heart in the crowd.

"You really know how to present your charm." Daisy teased him while she twitched her lips in annoyance. Now she knew why women constantly threw themselves on him----he seduced them with his charm.

"Honey, are you jealous?" Edward whispered in her ear. Their intimacy made a lot of people jealous.

"Jealous? I'm not as narrow-minded as you are." Daisy rolled her eyes at him to show her protest. When they reached Justin's classroom, they were surrounded by a lot of hovering parents. Their obsession made Daisy frown with concern. She pondered, 'All parents are alike. They worry too much about their kids which in some way confines the children's room to grow and undermines their understanding of independence.'

"I'm happy to turn into a jealous fellow for you." Edward quipped, oblivious to the burning eyes fixed on them. He flirted with Daisy as if there was no one else present there.

"Mom, dad, goodbye. As for the jealousy problem, I suggest you discuss it at home." Justin rolled his eyes at them. Edward shouldn't have flirted with Daisy in public. She was too shy to handle it.

"Okay. Have a nice day. We will pick you up after school." Just as Justin had predicted, Daisy blushed with coyness. It made her all the more charming. Her frigidness had diminished, thus making her more approachable.

"But mom, aren't you supposed to go to the army base? I remember your vacation has been over already." Justin looked at Daisy confusedly. He figured it would be too late if he waited for Daisy for picking him up after returning from the army base.

"I don't have much to do at the base. So I am planning to extend my vacation? You are not happy with that? You used to love it when I took a few days off." Daisy bent down and caressed his cute nose. As young as Justin was, he cared a lot about Daisy. Back in the day when they lived at the army base, he often asked about her work in case anyone was bullying Daisy. And he often pleaded the commander to give her less work. Yet what he didn't know was that those assignments weren't assigned by the commander, but requested by Daisy herself. Only in this way could she get a quick promotion. Then she could prove to Edward that she was not weak. She knew that Edward didn't notice her efforts, but she never gave up. She was growing stronger just for what Edward had said to her earlier.

"Mom, you are l

" Mary said with a coquettish tone; her eyes were glued to Edward's handsome face.

"Does Ouyang Foreign Trade think that FX International Group is your backyard, where you can come as you please?

I don't think that we are that close." He wanted to destroy the Ouyang family when he thought about all the cruel things they had done to Daisy. But he was aware that he couldn't do it because to Daisy, Leo was her father no matter what he had done. Even if he didn't accept her as his daughter, he was her biological father nevertheless. Besides, there was another person in the Ouyang family that she cared a lot about----Brian. That's why Edward had to refrain himself from ruining the Ouyang clan. But this didn't mean that he had to put up with Mary as well.

"Edward, can we talk about this inside? Daisy, my dear sister, don't you agree?" Mary felt quite embarrassed. Moments ago she was bragging about her closeness with Edward. But now Edward's aloof and distant words presented another reality. She didn't want to become a laughing stock in the company. So now she sought help from anyone to get out of this dilemma, even the person she hated most----Daisy.

"I'm not your sister. But indeed we should go inside so we don't disrupt their work." Daisy sneered. Mary never behaved like her sister. 'Mary, what are you trying to steal from me this time? I'm interested to know. But I won't give away no matter how hard you try. You should drop the idea already. I'm not that weak Daisy whom you knew a few years ago.' Daisy thought to herself.

Edward frowned but still moved towards his office. He hadn't planned to waste his time with Mary, but now he had to let her in since Daisy had said so.

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