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   Chapter 391 The Perfectly Matched Couple

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Luke raised his head and glanced at everyone. He had heard Paul shouting and swearing loudly, which sounded even more shrill in the late night silence of the outer suburbs.

Luke checked his watch. He frowned frigidly and drove away without any hesitation. He didn't care how long and how loudly Paul would continue screaming. No one would hear him in such a remote and private place, anyway.

Soon, the car disappeared in the night. But things didn't get any quieter. In spite of his leaving, the place was continuously filled with screaming and crying. No matter what Paul did, Luke didn't care at all, because he knew that the coward would pass out soon. Then everything would be quiet again.

After the long night, the warm sunshine in the morning inspired everyone. Justin had never been as happy as he was today, it was because both of his parents were accompanying him to the school for the first time today. His parents had never done that together before, that's why he was thrilled.

"Mom, Dad. I finally feel like the other kids." Justin leaned against the back of the front seat, and looked at his parents happily.

"Oh! Son, why do you say that?" Justin's remark amused Edward, so he turned to Justin facetiously, and then continued to watch the road ahead.

"I used to see other kids at school with both their parents, but I only had my mom with me. Today, you both come to drop me off, so I finally feel as happy and normal as the other kids."

Justin suddenly felt a little sad when he said this. He didn't want to hurt his mother, so no matter how much he envied other children; he never said these things to her. He knew his mother was more upset than he was, so he didn't want to hurt her more.

"I am sorry. It's my fault." Edward said regretfully. His eyes dimmed, and his smile disappeared. He knew that he had missed Justin's childhood and had failed to take on the responsibilities of a father.

"Dad, I am fine. It was just a fleeting thought. As long as you and mom stay with me, I would be the happiest kid in the world. The grievances of the past are just a preparation for today's happiness. I will cherish every moment with you and mom,"

Said Justin, with his hand on Edward's shoulder. He knew that Edward didn't live with them because he didn't know of Justin's existence, it wasn't because Edward didn't love him. For the past few months, Edward had showered immense love on Justin. No matter how upset Justin had been with Edward in the past, now he didn't resent Edward at all.

"Yes. I also cherish every moment with you. You and your mom are priceless treasures for me," Edward said while holding Justin's

dward's private life were spreading this morning. Within three days, he would be seen not as a playboy any more but as a good man who would do anything to protect his beloved woman.

"Why are you women so gossipy?" Edward curled his mouth furiously. Everyone around him had begun to talk about him. Women were really good at spreading gossips.

"Please watch your language. I am not that kind of a woman." Daisy frowned. That was why she didn't want to appear in public. She turned down people who wanted to do interviews with her because she was afraid of being in the spotlight like today.

"Aren't you? You are also a woman." Edward smiled. He took his wife and son away and ignored everyone's attention towards them. He had always been the focus of the crowd, and he had become accustomed to the attention.

"I am a woman, but I don't like to judge people. Everyone's value and outlook on life are different, so I don't want to spend time with people who have nothing to do with me." Though Daisy said she didn't like being talked about and noticed, she didn't seem unhappy when Edward held her hand in the campus.

"I know my beautiful colonel only cares about my son and me, so she doesn't have time to gossip about others. Am I right?" Edward smiled playfully. He looked tenderly at his special woman. He knew she was different from others. She wasn't accustomed to so much attention. She was tightly holding Edward's hand, so Edward joked with her to calm her nerves.

"That's not a nice statement, but because of your good attitude, I will take it." Daisy knew Edward was teasing her; she didn't want to take him seriously. When she tried to be serious with him, she always lost in the end. So she changed her mind and accepted his flattery with open arms.

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