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   Chapter 390 Throw Him Into the Crocodile Pool

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As a qualified military officer, Daisy liked playing games to improve her action thinking. She was now rapidly assembling and disassembling guns. Before Edward entered the study, he heard the sounds and knew what she was doing.

"What're you playing?" Edward rested his head on Daisy's shoulder from behind and looked at the high-end guns on the screen.

"It's been a long time since I last practiced. I want to see whether I get slow. Why don't you dry your hair?" Daisy frowned when Edward's wet hair touched her face. Then she put aside the game, picked up a clean towel beside her and stood up.

"What's the result?" As Daisy stood up, Edward sat down obediently. It had been a routine recently, and Edward had become accustomed to it. In fact, he did not dry his hair deliberately because he liked to see Daisy's unintentional ardent love and care for him. In doing this, he knew how important he was to her.

"Not satisfactory. I am not fast enough." Daisy gently dried Edward's black hair with the soft towel. Edward didn't like to dry his hair. He didn't care about the drips of water, so Daisy habitually prepared some clean towels in the study for unexpected needs.

"Don't force yourself. It makes my heart ache." Edward pulled Daisy onto his lap and kissed her lips. He twined his hands around her waist.

"Really?" Daisy caressed Edward's handsome face. In the beginning, Edward's cuddling would fright her, but now, she had gotten quite used to it and didn't think there was anything wrong with it.

"Yes, I mean it. So, don't make me worry." Edward looked Daisy straight in the eye. He was afraid Daisy would question his words.

"Okay. I promise I'll always take your feelings into account." Daisy knew Edward's words had many meanings, but no matter what he meant, she would put him in first place. Over the years, she had been prepared, knowing she would meet this man again. She had even lived only for him for a while. Her deep love for him enabled her to go on living.

"Honey, thank you." Edward leaned his head against Daisy's chest to feel her strong heartbeat. It was the simple happiness that he had always sought. Even a small thing like this could delight him.

"For what?" Daisy caressed Edward's soft hair. She liked to stay with him. At this moment, she felt her life was meaningful.

"For everything." Edward had once wondered where he could find another woman to love if Daisy didn't appear, and thought that she would have never walked into his life if it hadn't been for Justin. Fortunately, things happened as he wanted. Now she had become a part of his life.

The night was a warm harbor where lovers expressed their affections. It also witnessed various crimes.

"Boss, it's him." It was dim in the room, but Luke could see clearly the man kneeling on the ground. In his fifties, the man's wandering and furtive eyes revealed that he was not a good man at first glance.

"What do you want

Before this man has strong evidence against me, I have to keep my mouth shut.'

"Fine. You know nothing about it? I have told you what would happen. Guys, hang him over the crocodile pool. Let's see how long he can keep it up." Luke thought, 'Do you think I won't kill you before I get the evidence? Fine, let's do something fun. I won't feed you to the crocodiles. Instead, I'll hang you over the crocodile pool. Seeing hundreds of hungry crocodiles open their mouths in the pool, you'll surrender out of fear.'

"Boss, do you mean it?" A subordinate hesitated. He didn't know whether Luke really meant it or just wanted to intimidate the guy. No matter how bold Paul Du was, he would go crazy if he was really hung over the pool. Some ferocious hungry croc might jump up and take a bite.

"What's wrong with you? Did I stutter? Hang him! Cut him down when he's ready to tell me the truth." Luke thought, 'Humph! No one can bluff me so easily. I'm never kind to anyone. '

"Got it. We'll do it right now." The shouts and cursing faded away as Paul Du was dragged out. Luke put the pistol into his holster and sneered. 'Paul Du, you'll get the bird's eye view of the pool tonight. Maybe you'll count their teeth to pass the time, ' thought Luke.

"Be careful. See to it that the crocodiles won't swallow him before we get the evidence." Luke gave an order to the rest of his men. He wasn't concerned about the death of such an insidious villain as Paul Du, but he didn't want to run into a dead end again. He couldn't make trouble for Daisy, or he would suffer.

"No problem. Boss, we won't let you down." All of them were cautious. In the past, they didn't care about these things at all, but after they knew Daisy's identity, they had to strictly follow the rules. As Edward ordered, they had to give priority to Daisy's interests. They couldn't let others have anything against Daisy. Otherwise, the consequences would be too ghastly to contemplate.

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