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   Chapter 389 Sexy

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"You still mad?" Daisy asked Edward, who was going straight toward the bathroom with a long face. She grabbed him and smiled. This petty man had stayed mad at her the whole night. Fine. She yielded. It hurt to see him with an angry expression.

"No, I'm not, " Edward answered without even looking at Daisy. His face told her otherwise. Yes, he was still mad. Daisy knew he would deny it.

"Really? Then why do you ignore me?" Daisy felt he was adorable when he was mad. And she was proud of herself, because Edward almost never got angry, and she kept him mad all night.

"I ignore you? You are the one who is ignoring me!" Today he would let her know how it felt when she was ignored. Then she would stop taking him for a pushover.

"Listen to you. Obviously you are mad about something. Tell me what you are mad about." Daisy pinched his cheek lightly. She was devil-may-care sometimes and didn't pay much attention to details. Edward had been mad for so long, she didn't think it was because she and Justin had ridiculed him at Sexy World. It must be because of something else. She decided to find out so that she could know Edward better and avoid the same mistake. He was the last person in the world she wanted to hurt.

"OK. Colonel, so what is your relationship with Kevin? What do you feel about him?"

His blue eyes were fixed on Daisy. Edward waited, fidgety, afraid that he might hear a reply dreadful enough to drive him crazy.

"Kevin? He's my superior and cares about me like a brother. That's all." Daisy looked at Edward in confusion, wondering what it was all about.

"That's all? Do you really think he just wants to be your superior or brother? Don't you see that he wants something more?"

Edward felt he might as well drag it out into the open. The truth would come to light sooner or later. If Daisy knew about Kevin's feelings for her, she would be scared and Leena might get hurt at the same time. Although young, Leena was sensitive to feelings. As time went by, she might sense Kevin's hidden longing for Daisy. So Edward thought he'd better remind Daisy ahead of time to avoid problems.

Edward hadn't figured out why Kevin married Leena, but he was sure Kevin didn't love her, because he had lost his heart to Daisy and he couldn't have shifted his affection to another so

alk about this in bed later. I'm gonna take a shower. Feel free to join me." A compulsive germophobe, Edward took a shower within half an hour after he got home every day. Every minute beyond it, he would get more and more fidgety and anxious.

"You wish. I'd rather play computer games in the study. I enjoy the serenity, without reports to write or training or war games to attend. This lifestyle is awesome! I actually enjoy it." Daisy turned and walked toward the study. But her remarks set Edward's mind wandering.

Was she tired of military life, which was filled with gun smoke and endless drills? Or had she just said that merely because she really enjoyed the present moments? Edward wondered, standing under the cold shower. Thinking about the hardships she had undergone in the past few years, his heart started aching.

He couldn't imagine what had driven her to become a tough military officer. Quite a transformation from the weak girl who had cried every time she had been bullied. What had made her change? Was it resilience? Willpower?

Almost none of the women he knew were as reasonable as Daisy. She could be angry sometimes, but wouldn't hold onto others' mistakes and use them as weapons to fight back. For example, she disliked his old lifestyle, but she eventually let it go and hadn't mentioned it ever again. She wasn't the kind of woman who got paranoid merely because of the past and started hurting the man she loved. Today, she wouldn't have reacted so strongly if Jessica hadn't provoked her. He knew her.

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