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   Chapter 385 A Precious Person (Part Two)

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At first, the skin on her hand just turned red when he applied some medicine. But he didn't expect big blisters to appear after dinner and he got increasingly worried. He persuaded Leena to go to the hospital, but she refused to go no matter what. He decided to ask the doctor from the military base to come and look at her hand, but Leena insisted that it would be troublesome and she'd call Tom instead. Recalling what she said last night about Tom being an excellent doctor, he agreed. But he didn't expect so many people to arrive.

Knowing she couldn't hide her hand anymore, Leena showed it reluctantly. She herself felt terrible when she saw her hand. As expected, everyone gasped at the sight.

"How did it become so severe? Didn't you wash your hand immediately after?" Tom frowned. He sighed, internally despairing for his medicine. He seemed to be losing a lot these days.

"I did wash it. But I forgot to use the medicine afterwards." Leena stuck out her tongue awkwardly. She completely forgot about it. If Kevin hadn't come back and noticed her hand, it would have probably been worse.

"Damn it. What on earth did you do to hurt your hand like this?" Duke seldom yelled at Leena. Even when he heard that she married Kevin, he didn't shout at her. But seeing her hand covered in horrible blisters, his heart suddenly tightened. He couldn't help yelling at her.

"It's no big deal. I wasn't careful enough while I was cooking. It's not that bad. It'll probably heal in a few days. Rig

. If that was really the case, he wouldn't have asked him to hold her hand. Duke got worried that he couldn't stand it.

Edward also knew that Tom was downplaying the truth to Leena, so he clenched his hands anxiously. He recalled how Leena had been in her childhood. She cried so hard when she got pricked by a rose thorn. Seeing the large blisters on her skin, he couldn't help getting anxious too.

Cold fingers held Edward's quivering hand. Daisy smiled at him when he turned his head to look at her in surprise. She understood his feelings about Leena more than anyone else. He didn't feel much love from his family. He considered Leena as his family and gave his affections to her instead. That was why he always doted on her. He must be heartbroken to see Leena hurting so badly. Edward regarded Leena as one of the most precious people in his heart. His feeling for Leena was definitely different from what he felt for Daisy and Justin, and there would never be any conflict between them.

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