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   Chapter 384 A Precious Person (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5871

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Justin was the last one to leave. He wanted to finish his mousse cake! What bad luck, he just started enjoying it. Can't he finish the cake first? But everyone was busy leaving and no one noticed his reluctance to go. They filed out of Sexy World in a few minutes.

"You can just go home, Brian. We're going to visit a friend." Daisy stopped to explain to Brian.

"I see, Sister. Take care." Brian reached out and hugged Daisy, leaving a gentle kiss on her forehead. Edward turned around and caught the moment. He got angry and his eyebrows went up. He had thought that Duke would be pissed off by Brain. But he didn't expect the curtain to fall before the drama could be played out. In the end, he was the one who got upset.

"Okay. You have drank a little just now. Be careful and drive slowly." Daisy smoothed the folds of Brian's clothes. It was an ordinary yet intimate action, making Edward's jealousy grow. The car sped wildly down the road. He didn't speak to Daisy during the whole ride. He bottled up his unhappiness and stewed in silence.

The stars in the evening sky seemed to sparkle more in the gentle breeze in S City. Daisy looked out of the window during the drive, watching the street lights pass by in a flash. She was also curious why Leena got scalded while Kevin was home. Although many soldiers weren't so careful, Kevin was different. He always acted elegantly in public, as if he was born into nobility. While some people might lose their composure during training, Kevin always looked like energetic and dynamic. Other officers and soldiers admired him a lot. It's probably attributed to his family background. Otherwise, could anyone else display such elegance so perfectly?

Edward was tight-lipped. There was nothing but

and allotted some space for Tom. It would be terrible if Leena wasn't treated carefully.

"Show me your hand, Leena." Tom sat down beside her. He took out all the scald medicine in his kit and set them somewhere accessible.

"Now? Really?" Leena looked at everyone in hesitation. She didn't think that her injury was severe at all, but Kevin insisted on taking her to the hospital. Because she didn't want to, she turned to Tom. But she didn't expect everyone to show up. How could she expect something like this? If she had known, she'd have gone to the hospital and endured the smell of disinfectant instead of called Tom.

"Yes! Let me check, so I know which medicine to use." Tom looked at Leena sternly, trying to see her hidden hand. He frowned slightly. If his guess was right, her injury wasn't minor at all. Or she wouldn't hesitate in front of everyone.

Kevin was the last one to enter, so he was isolated from the crowd. Looking at everyone's concern, he realized for the first time how Leena was important to them. Meanwhile, he was also getting a little stressed. He could hardly imagine how they would react when they saw the blisters on her hand.

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