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   Chapter 383 I Love You The Most (Part Two)

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"Okay! I'll find someone else who'd like to take me." Justin glanced over the room and finally settled on Duke, his eyes flashing a cunning smile.

"Justin, don't even think about it. Although I can provide the food you want, your mischievousness is unpredictable, I don't know what else you'll demand from me. You'd better go back to where you belong! I don't want my home to become the trial base for your destruction."

Duke made himself clear before Justin said anything. Duke wasn't an idle man who had time to find trouble for himself. He decided to keep a distance from the wicked boy immediately. He was already in trouble, he wasn't in the mood to deal with Justin now.

Justin pursed his lips and sniffled, pretending to be hurt. He suddenly turned around and ran towards Edward. He threw himself into Edward's arms, regardless of everything. The cream on the corner of his mouth fell on Edward's black shirt as he cried bitterly, "Dad, they all hate me! Since you're my dad, promise that you won't abandon me like they did." Justin tucked his head on Edward's shoulder, rubbing his head like a spoiled child. He seemed to have completely forgotten that he had irritated Edward earlier.

"You finally realize that I'm the best. But why did you help someone anger me earlier?" Edward frowned. He patted Justin's back in comfort while despairing of his new shirt that Justin had just ruined. When he mentioned "someone, " he glanced at Daisy.


ena got burned? I'll go with you." As soon as Duke heard the news, he immediately stood up and was eager to see her. Although Leena married Kevin without his consent, he would always love and care about her. He got worried when he heard that Leena was hurt.

"Let's go. We're coming with you, too." Edward said, standing up with Justin in his arms. Edward always treated Leena as a sister. He became restless when he heard about Leena's situation and wouldn't feel relieved until he was sure that Leena was okay.

"So that's it for today. I'll go with you and visit Leena." Rain said. He got worried at the news. She used to be a popular woman among her male friends before she got married. Everyone felt flustered at the bad news. They wondered how Kevin would react when he saw so many people at his house. He would probably get very nervous. He only called for a doctor. He probably didn't expect his call to bring the most prestigious CEOs in S City to his house.

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