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   Chapter 382 I Love You The Most (Part One)

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"The economy is at a downturn now. To ensure better development for the FX International Group in the future, I have no choice but to take only one meal in a day. Uncle Rain, I heard that you enjoy a high salary and bonus every month, how about you pay for all my expenses? Don't worry. I'm easily satisfied. You only have to buy a lot of delicious food for me, like lobsters, crabs, cubilose, and the like."

Justin said as he counted his favorite food with his fingers. His words sent a shiver down Rain's spine. Feeling weak, he collapsed into the sofa. 'My God! Is this what Justin meant by 'easily satisfied'? What about the children who grow up eating only vegetables? Does that mean that they are never satisfied?' Rain thought.

"Haha! Justin, you're indeed easily satisfied. You'd better live with your Uncle Rain, so you won't starve again. Then you can eat all your favorite food, which is common to him everyday."

Tom gloated mischievously, fueling the flame. He marveled at Justin's imagination. He casually demanded for rare and luxury food as if it was common. And he shamelessly claimed that he was easily satisfied. Was he joking? He felt lucky that Justin wasn't telling him that, otherwise he would go crazy.

"Damn it, Tom! You're not standing in my shoes and you're talking irresponsibly. Only a rich man like our boss can reach his standards and afford such a life. But I'm only a poor breadwinner, how could I possibly satisfy the simple needs he mentioned just now? But I don't think it will be a problem for you. I heard that running a hospital is very profitable, you can earn easy money by finding ways to exploit patients. Since you're the superintendent of the hospital, does that mean you get the most profit?"

When it came to verbal arguments, Rain couldn't beat Edward. But if the opponent was Tom,

His answer was very wise. He showed his generosity without compromising his principles. Compared to Brian, Tom and Rain weren't good at handling such matters. As the saying went, 'As in the Yangtze River the waves behind drive on those ahead, so each new generation excels the last one.' Brian, as a representative of the new generation, really bested them in the wisdom of words.

Daisy looked doubtfully between Justin and Brian, wondering when the two got to know each other. She was surprised that they seemed to get along well even without any introduction.

"Ah! No conditions? Can I have some requirements?" Believing Brian was the only people in his mother's family who was good to her, Justin liked talking with him. Otherwise, he wouldn't even glance at him.

"Little boy, what do you want?" Brian looked at Justin, flashing a bright and playful smile. He remembered that when he was Justin's age, he often followed the melancholy young girl who was only a few years older than him. Time flies, and everything had changed with the passage of time. The young girl in the past had become the mother of a small boy, while he became a real man. Seeing the lively Justin in that moment made him feel very emotional.

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