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   Chapter 381 Rain, You Are Courting Death (Part Three)

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Justin's little speech rendered Tom completely mute. He wondered, 'where did Justin learn those sayings from?' At the same time, Tom had to admit that Justin was really good at debating. Although Tom was good at holding a scalpel, he knew nothing about how to debate with others. Now that Justin stated his opinion sternly and seriously, Tom's mouth dropped open. He froze for a while and still didn't know what he could say to fight back.

As much as Edward was angry that Justin gave away his real thoughts, he was now quite proud of his son. They were family. No matter how mad they got at each other, they should stick together against their enemies. 'But did he really have to bring up that saying?' Edward pondered, 'What did he mean by 'everyone does everything for their own benefit'? Was he really trying to defend me? Or did he just insult me?'

After hearing the whole conversation, Brian gave his little nephew the thumbs up. He only met Justin for the first time last night at the party; but after talking with him, Brian knew that this little boy was much smarter than his peers. Brian knew Daisy was kind and gentle, so Justin must have inherited his slyness from his father, because Edward was also a cunning man. Like father, like son. Brian suddenly had a feeling that the FX International Group would take off again when Justin took over the business from his father. After all, Justin's talent had already flowered at such an early age.

"Justin, you sound like some ancient sage. Did you time travel in your dreams and learn those words of wisdom from some wise man last night? I couldn't think of where else you could learn these words!" Belinda was still depressed and thinking about Duke, but when she heard Justin saying something wise with his childish voice, she couldn't help bursting into snickers. She chipped into their conversation and made fun of Justin, which finally distracted her from Duke and made her feel better. Therefore, when she saw Duke come in the room, she didn't feel as happy as she thought she would be.

"Auntie Belinda, I know you didn't meet the sage in your dream last night, because you must have been busy looking for uncle Duke. You couldn't spare any time for someone else. Am I righ

Let's bring out the cake!"

Rain was always energetic and loved these sorts of events. After he excitedly announced the reason why they were here, everyone in the room became cheerful, even though some of them were wearing a long face just a few moments ago. Because of Rain's words, Edward and Daisy exchanged surprised looks, which was the very first time they looked at each other after they stepped into the room. Edward suddenly remembered that he was supposed to be angry with Daisy, so he immediately looked away before Daisy could say anything.

"Wow! Really? A cake? You're not lying to me, are you, uncle Rain?" As a foodie, Justin was excited as long as there was something delicious. Everything else could wait when it came to food. Upon hearing the word 'cake', Justin's face lit up, his eyes turning into crescent shapes with joy. He looked adorable like that.

"Hey, little boy. Aren't you going to give a toast? Why do you only think about eating! To those who know you well, they know you're a foodie who couldn't wait to have a taste when you see food; but to those who don't know you, they might think you have been abused by your parents and starved for days!" Rain wouldn't waste even the slightest chance to get back at Edward. Now that seeing Justin eagerly waiting for the cake, Rain couldn't help but strike again. Only this time, he made it seem like he was teasing Justin, but incidentally involved Edward on his joke. He felt justified, and the idea amused him.

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