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   Chapter 380 Rain, You Are Courting Death (Part Two)

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Although Belinda was talking to Brian, she seemed absent. She fixed her watery eyes on the closed door the whole time. Her heart kept sinking because Duke hadn't shown up yet. The longer she waited for him, the more nervous she became. She was getting desperate. Was Duke still outside because he was catching up with Rachel, his old lover, and he had no time to care about Belinda? Or did he just decide to dump Belinda and leave with Rachel? Maybe he had made up his mind, and he just didn't know how to tell Belinda. That was why he didn't come into the room -- he was trying to make up a story to break up with Belinda. Lost in her own distracting thoughts, Belinda couldn't help but clench her fists in agony.

"Hey, little boy. What happen to your dear mommy and daddy? Are they mad at each other?" After helping Justin climb up the seat next to him, Rain gently nudged Justin and turned his head to Edward and Daisy sitting not far away. He went straight in after he handed Justin to Edward outside the club. Edward was kissing Daisy's forehead back then! Why was he wearing a sullen face all of a sudden? Why was everything turning completely upside down? What could possibly happen in such a short time? 'Did I miss something? I shouldn't have left so soon! What a pity!' Rain thought to himself.

"What could be wrong? Don't make a mountain out of a molehill! They are not mad at each other! Daddy's only pretending to be angry. He wants mommy to sweet-talk him!" Just like a few moments ago, Justin once again blurted out without keeping his voice down. Edward had a mouthful of liquid; he couldn't help but spurt it out and cough violently as he heard what his son had said. 'Me? The CEO of the FX International Group, is pretending to be angry because I want some woman to sweet-talk me? Are you kidding me?' Edward glared at his son in disbelief. When his eyes met Justin's innocent ones, Edward rubbed his face and sighed heavily. Justin really was the death of him.

"No freaking way! Edward, is that true? I was wondering why you suddenly put on a sullen face. It turns out that you want to hear some sweet words from Daisy? What a loving couple you are! Come on, don't be shy! You should just say out loud what you want! If

sn't the right time. After being threatened by Edward so bluntly, Rain wouldn't dare to say anything ever again. For God's sake, he was the one who had to work for Edward, not Tom. If he told Tom anything, he wasn't sure whether Edward would do something to Tom, but Rain was sure that Edward would make his life more than miserable.

"Uncle Tom! Let's make a deal! If you teach me how to be a doctor, I'll consider telling you what happened. What do you think?" Eyes wide open, Justin put on a sweet smile while eagerly shaking Tom's arm. If Tom didn't catch the glimpse of slyness glowing in his eyes, he would believe that Justin was such a sweet and innocent child. But unfortunately, he did.

"Hey, little one. Are you trying to bargain with me? You're almost as sly as your dear daddy! Nice try. But it doesn't work that way." With a loving smile, Tom bent over and gently pinched Justin's chubby face. He sat down next to Justin and looked around the room. When he saw Brian, Tom politely nodded his head but said nothing to greet him.

"You're wrong, uncle Tom. My daddy isn't sly. It's called being prepared. It's completely different. How could you describe someone as smart and excellent like my daddy as sly? It's unfair. Besides, you know the old saying, 'everyone does everything for their own benefit'. People didn't just make that up out of nothing. A lot of wisdom is in that." Justin replied slowly with his head shaking up and down, as if he were some ancient wise man.

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