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   Chapter 379 Rain, You Are Courting Death (Part One)

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"Mommy, let me tell you a secret!" Justin turned in Edward's arms to look at Daisy who followed behind them; he leaned forward and cupped his little hands around his mouth before shouting, "You know what, mommy? Daddy is not angry with you! He is just pretending to be and he wants you to say nice things to him and be charming!" Though Justin said it was a secret, he didn't even keep his voice down. He practically shouted it out loud. Obviously, he wanted his daddy to hear him.

"What did you just say? You little brat! Are you teaming up with your mommy and bullying me now? Great. That's just great. I won't hold you anymore if you're not on my side. Now walk on your own." It seemed that Edward was really angry this time. He put Justin down and then entered the box without looking back at his wife and son again. Both Daisy and Justin didn't see this coming; they froze in bewilderment for a while. A few seconds later, they looked at each other and exchanged confused looks; they both shrugged and smiled. Maybe they were teasing Edward too much, and he really got upset.

"Hey, Edward. Why are you alone? Where are Justin and Daisy? Weren't they with you just now?" asked Rain as he saw Edward push open the door. He looked over Edward's shoulder and tried to find Justin and Daisy. After he was sure that no one was behind Edward, he got confused. Rain gazed at Edward with a frown as if Edward had the answer he wanted written on his face.

"I don't know. Why ask me?" retorted Edward sharply while rolling his eyes at Rain. Edward sat down and looked around the room with a sullen face. When he saw Brian and Belinda were chatting happily with each other, his lips curled into a smirk. Thinking about what Duke would feel when he came in and saw this, Edw

t mad. Instead, she curled her lips into a small smile and said nothing. If Edward wanted to play, then she would play along. She wondered how long Edward could stay mad at her this time.

"What's going on between them? Is everything okay?" Brian asked worriedly. Although he was talking with Belinda, he noticed Daisy the moment she came in. Nothing got past his eyes when it concerned Daisy. He knew how much Daisy and Edward loved and cared about each other; just a few hours ago, Edward was trying every mean to get rid of him so he could have an exclusive date with Daisy. They looked perfectly happy during the dinner. Why did he seem to be mad at Daisy at this moment? 'Did something happen? Did I miss something?' Brian got nervous all of a sudden.

"Relax. Don't worry about them. Daisy has the upper hand. She always does. Consider it a little game between husband and wife. Have some confidence in her. She's a colonel. How could she lead her soldiers and fight her honors if she couldn't even take care of Edward? I'll tell you what. Your brother-in-law can sometimes be unreasonably arrogant, so it's necessary for Daisy to teach him a lesson every now and then."

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