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   Chapter 378 Edward, Are You Angry

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Stunned, Duke looked at Daisy. If he remembered correctly, she didn't know Rachel. However, judging from what she said just now, they knew each other, and they had a quarrel before. Duke knew clearly that Daisy was defending Belinda.

"Mrs. Mu, you're trying to make me do something I can't do. If another woman forced you to leave Edward, would you listen to her?" Rachel sneered at Daisy. She bet Daisy wouldn't say "yes". She had to draw an analogy, so that Daisy would know how bitter it was to end a relationship.

"That depends on whether Edward and this woman love each other dearly. If yes, I will definitely leave without hesitation. If not, I won't give up without a fight. I love him, so I won't give him to another woman easily." Daisy said coldly. This was the first time that she had expressed her deep affection for Edward in public. She might be ashamed on other occasions, but when asked by Rachel, she frankly said what she thought, so she didn't feel embarrassed.

Daisy's words surprised Edward. Although he always knew she loved him, it was different to hear she say it out loud in public. He was happy about her saying "I love him", so he gave her a loving look.

"It's easy for you to say that. Only when you really experience it will you know how bitter it is. I don't believe you can be so calm about it." Rachel didn't believe what Daisy said. All women in love were selfish. No matter how proud and aloof Daisy was, she was just an ordinary woman, not an other-worldly fairy without the desire for love.

"Miss Qin, why not give up on a man who doesn't even love you? You try to stay by his side, but you ignore what he really thinks. It's very selfish of you to do this. You think you love this man dearly, but you just love yourself."

Daisy had personally experienced it, or she wouldn't have once left life and death out of consideration. She knew how miserable it was, so she hoped the external factors wouldn't affect the two people in love. The terrible pain had cut her to the quick, so she didn't want to feel it again.

Edward tightened his embrace. He was touched by Daisy's reason, open-mindedness and immeasurable love for him. She said those words to him, rather than to give a warning to Rachel because she had poured out her innermost feelings. Edward loved this remarkable woman so much that he would never let her go in his lifetime.

"As long as I can keep him by my side, he'll fall in love with me one day. If I don't love myself, how can I love someone?" These general principles were widely known. Daisy had a sharp sense of integrity, while Rachel was difficult to deal with. She responded to Daisy's morality and justice with her absurd ideas.

"Rachel, you're confident. However, if that 'someone' is me, I can tell you I will never love you. I don't like to recycle garbage."

Duke stared coldly at Rachel.

t his entire life would continue being so miserable. Because, instead of being grateful to him, Edward gave him the cold shoulder, despite of everything he had done.

"Mommy, I miss you so much. Why didn't you come back home after you finished shopping with grandma? I kept waiting for you, but grandma came back alone. I wanted to show you the fish I caught with grandpa today, but I didn't see you the whole time. I was so sad."

"Sorry, I forgot to give you a call. I also miss you." Daisy stood on tiptoe to kiss Justin on his face. Everyone envied this warm and beautiful scene. Edward was handsome with an imposing appearance, Daisy was beautiful, noble and elegant, and Justin in Edward's arms was so cute and handsome. They won everyone's admiration.

"You went shopping with my mother today? Why didn't you tell me that?" Edward frowned. He knew his mother well, but he didn't imagine that she would go shopping with Daisy. She was always chasing the latest fad. Daisy must be tired after accompanying her for a whole day.

"Why should I tell you that? Do I need to tell you before I go shopping with your mother?" Daisy knew Edward didn't mean to blame her. She just wanted to tease him, annoy him a little. She felt happy to see that he was worried about her.

"Daisy, why did you twist my words? I was trying to be nice." Edward rolled his eyes. He turned his back and ignored Daisy. Didn't Daisy like how much he cared about her? Why was she being aggressive?

"Edward, are you angry?" Daisy looked at Edward and asked. Women were attractive when they were angry, and some men were also charming when they were irritated, Edward included.

"No." Edward snorted. He sulked, still ignoring Daisy and kept walking ahead with Justin in his arms. His awkward look tickled Daisy. She knew Edward was angry. Daisy knew a little more about Edward, thanks to this test. Sometimes men were petty.

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