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   Chapter 377 Who Is That Handsome Guy (Part Two)

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"No, we just arrived. Let's find a seat together. By the way, who's this handsome guy? Won't you introduce us?" Belinda winked to Daisy as she saw the other man coming with Edward and her. If she was right, the man with Daisy was the same young man she had met yesterday, who stared at Daisy the whole night. How come they were all together? And how come Edward wasn't jealous?

"Why, you've forgotten me, Belinda? I'm so sad!" Said Brian with a smile as he winked to Belinda merrily. He had also spotted Belinda yesterday night, though he didn't talk to her. Part of the reason was that he was keeping a low profile, and part of the reason was that he had sensed that Daisy was trying to keep him away. He wouldn't enter her social circle without her permission, so he didn't bother her friends accordingly.

"Haha! I remember something. But you can't be the sniveling boy who followed Daisy everywhere like a little puppy dog, can you? You're too handsome to be that brat. However, there's an old saying, 'A boy changes fast in physical appearance from childhood to adulthood.' So, you are an adult now?" Belinda quipped as she looked at Brian from head to toe. She couldn't believe her eyes. How could this handsome young man as bright as sunshine be that weak, little boy from her memories?

To everyone's surprise, Edward was the first to be amused by Belinda's words. He laughed out loud at her joke. He always enjoyed watching her belittling random men other than him. Belinda was a master at witty words. She should be the only person that could humble Brian that effectively. The whole night, he had been so angry with this Brian, but had to put up with him because of Daisy. Right now, since Belinda had mentioned his embarrassing past, Edward was so overjoyed. Finally, someone put down this arrogant boy. He'd like to see how Brian would react.

However, Brian was laid back. "Belinda! How ungrateful of you t

nd most importantly, don't hurt Belinda. If you do, I will stop you." Daisy narrowed her eyes. If she was right about her guess, Rachel and Belinda must have discussed this matter earlier. Or else, Belinda wouldn't ignore Duke and pretend to be familiar with Brian.

"Hurt Belinda? I would never do that. And rather, I am the one to be hurt. Don't you think so, Mrs. Mu? After all, I am the one who was dumped." Rachel hated Belinda more as she started to realize that so many people were her friends. She retorted angrily to Daisy's words.

"Miss Qin, I am not trying to interfere in your private affairs with Duke. All the entanglements are between the two of you, and it's not for me to judge who's right and who's wrong. But I want to protect Belinda from all this. And I want everything to be settled soon. After all, Belinda is now Mrs. Leng, and you are a mere ex-girlfriend of Duke. You should know what I'm talking about now. You're just unwilling to accept the fact."

A touch of impatience appeared on Daisy's face. She wondered why every man had to have annoying ex-girlfriends? Edward was a ladies' man. It was understandable for him to have these affairs. But Duke had little interest in women. Why would he be involved with this woman? Men were a strange breed.

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