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   Chapter 376 Who Is That Handsome Guy (Part One)

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Belinda let out a scornful chuckle. She said, "Miss...Qin? Don't you think that was a redundant question? You've already said it was something that happened a long time ago. Why do you have to mention it now? Should we be haunted by our past?" Belinda said, with a mocking sneer on her face, Belinda turned her gaze to Rachel. She'd like to know whether this woman had something called boundaries. How insolent of her to talk about her past relationship with Duke publicly! Who did she think she was? And how dare she insult Belinda this way!

"Who the heck are you? I'm talking about my relationship with Duke. Who do you think you are to meddle in our private affairs?" Rachel retorted arrogantly. Studying Belinda up and down, she thought so little of this woman, and couldn't imagine her as a rival for Duke's affections.

Amused, Belinda laughed out loud. She then walked to Duke and stood tiptoed to kiss him on his lips. That done, she glanced at Rachel from the corner of her eye triumphantly. She had replied to Rachel's question with the act.

"What now? Do you still think it's nothing to do with me, Miss Qin?" Belinda was not like Daisy. She was an aggressive and strong woman. She wouldn't deign to explain herself when she was set up, nor would she sit there and try to defuse a fight. Her only solution to problems was to fight back directly. However, her aggressive gesture not only shocked Rachel, but also petrified Duke. A second later, Duke recovered, and smiled charmingly after she did that. He gazed into her eyes dangerously, as he wondered, whether her kiss meant that she had forgiven him. Her resentment had been hovering over them for days.

"You! You're so shameless!" Because Belinda remained silent at the start, Rachel had imaged her as a weak woman. She never expected Belinda to behave so aggressively, and couldn't think of a way to fight back, but to sputter in exasperation. She wanted Duke's kiss desperately. She had missed him and his kiss over the years. The soft touch of his lips was the most precious memory in her heart. It embodied her first love, which had passed away due to her stupid mistake.

woman to be so sharp-tongued. How dare she humiliate her like this?

"Daisy, over here!" However, Belinda didn't even look at Rachel. She ignored her completely, as she called for Daisy when she saw her come in. She wasn't here to bicker with this Rachel Qin. She was waiting for Daisy. Why should she dignify Rachel's bullshit with a comment? And now that Daisy was here, she had another one on her side. That Rachel could have Duke, however long she wanted, and whatever she wanted him for. Belinda didn't care a bit. After all, she had nothing to do with their old love affairs, nor with their romantic entanglements.

Duke also looked at Daisy as he noticed Belinda waving to her. As no one was paying attention to Rachel now, Rachel was enraged. With her pride swelled to the utmost, she also glared at the entryway with anger. However, when she spotted Edward and Daisy together, she was scared, as the sight reminded her of the earlier warning made by the urbane man. But when she laid her eyes on Duke, she calmed down a little. He would forever protect her from danger.

"How long have you been waiting?" Daisy asked as she approached them with a slight hint of smile on her face. However, when she saw Rachel with them, she frowned. How could this woman be here, too? She then shot a caring glance to Belinda, as she knew about Rachel's relationship with Duke. She wondered how Belinda would react in this situation.

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