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   Chapter 375 The Lady with Attitude (Part Two)

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"What do you think? Not as good as yours, but not bad! Right?" Kevin smirked. Having lived in the army for so long a time, how could he be a pampered goofball? He had to know about everything so that he couldn't be worn out. Otherwise, only one field training exercise could make him suffer terribly.

"It tastes good. Kevin. How did you learn how to cook?" In Leena's eyes, the people who were good at cooking must have received specialized training. Wasn't she an example?

"No. I just have cooked quite a lot. " Kevin laughed at himself. He remembered that in the beginning the food he cooked could not just be described as "disastrous". A better description would be "disgusting". Even he couldn't take a bite, let alone other people.

"You cooked such delicious food. If I don't know better, I'd think you were born in a chef family!" Leena hadn't poked into how noble his birth was, but she could tell from his manner and temperament that he wasn't as ordinary as some children of high-ranking officials. As such, how could a girl like her, who almost knew nothing, get the approval of his parents? 'What if they both don't like me?'

Leena's heart suddenly sank at the thought of this possibility. She didn't know why she began to pay more attention to everything related to him. Even stranger for her, she thought about more about him gradually.

"There's a saying: 'Don't judge a book by its cover.' It makes sense. When you see something, don't only focus on the appearance. The most important thing is to discover the inner qualities. You only know what's in a book by opening it

the core.

Belinda was standing there still, gazing at the entrance of Sexy World. Her beautiful face showed no emotion. She didn't even spare a look of contempt for Rachel. She regarded her like the air. You breathe it, and not think about it.

She didn't like the women who were arrogant or put on an attitude. She didn't take any of Rachel's words personally. She knew the truth, and nothing would change no matter what Rachel said or what she tried to make up. Last time, she was uncomfortable when she saw this woman. She couldn't believe that Rachel had the guts to insult her again. Belinda thought she might be out of her mind.

"Duke, you didn't use to talk to me this way. Why have you changed so much. If I recall correctly, you used to call me "Ray" affectionately, quietly. Why are you so distant to me now? Rachel bit her lip and couldn't accept Duke's "sudden" change or his cold attitude. She was still living in the past when Duke treated her gently, overlooking the fact that people change over time. Given enough time, everything changed.

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