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   Chapter 374 The Lady with Attitude (Part One)

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Leena blushed and felt shy as she watched Kevin. She felt a strong impulse to pull her foot back. Kevin was the second man who had held her foot so closely. The first was Mr. Cold. The situation here made her feel a bit awkward.

"Don't move. It's blue already. I'm gonna apply the medicine on your foot a little more and it's gonna be painful. Are you ready?" Kevin frowned, looking at the wound on her instep. He thought, 'well. Her hand and foot are really burned. Looks like it hurts, too. How did she get this unlucky?'

"Um!" Leena said and nodded. Actually, she wasn't sure about it, because she didn't know what exactly "painful" meant. How much pain? She felt worried, but still forced out a word.

"Relax. I'll just need a few seconds." Feeling how stiff Leena was, Kevin loosened his grip some, hoping to hurt her ankle less.

"Ah! It hurts!" Kevin put a few drops of the medicinal liquor on his hands, but the minute when he rubbed it on her instep, Leena cried out loudly. It was obvious she was in deep pain and burst into a flood of tears, which she had tried to hold back for a long time.

"Does it hurt a lot? Please don't cry. I'll try to be more gentle. Can we do more?" Kevin couldn't help feeling tense at the sight of Leena's face wet with tears. He thought if he didn't do it for her now, she would suffer from even more pain in the future. So he decided to get it done although he didn't like her reactions.

Leena automatically nodded her agreement after Kevin said those sweet and soothing words to her -- although she was reluctant. Meanwhile, she felt a little ashamed as well, because she couldn't even bear the pai

od or bad, but when it came to her food, she was extremely serious. There were good reasons why she learned how to cook. Monotony was one reason, but the main reason was that she was very particular about food. Since she was abroad, her menu was limited. She couldn't stand the Western-style food anymore, so she took steps to teach herself how to cook the dishes she liked.

"Here comes the food! Try it. See if it's any good, " Kevin said. He served all the food he cooked, and looked at Leena expectantly. He didn't consider himself to be a gourmet chef, but he thought he was not bad at cooking. He beat out all the other cooks in the military family community. He would have snagged the top rank, except Daisy was actually better.

"Um! They look good. Color's nice. Don't know what they'll taste like." Leena took the chopsticks, picked up the nearest Stewed Chicken Wing in Ginger Coca-cola, put it into her mouth and chewed slowly. It tasted so tender and soft that Leena gave him a thumb up. His cooking ability was no doubt very good. This tasted so good, he was something of an expert.

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