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   Chapter 373 I'm Not Going To The Hospital (Part Two)

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Kevin scurried into the study, fetched the first-aid-kit, and returned downstairs soon. Even he had no idea why he got enraged. But he clearly felt a sense of pain and sadness when he saw Leena getting hurt by the turner. The feeling was so intense that it swelled rampantly in his heart. He felt terrible at that moment. But he wasn't sure about the reason behind this uncomfortable feeling. Did it come as a result of his care for Leena or was it just guilt for failing to take good care of her?

"Stretch out your foot, let me put some medicine on it." Kevin dropped the first-aid-kit. He still wore a gloomy face. But his tone was softer than before.

"Hmm! Kevin, I'm fine." Leena slightly moved her foot backward. Although they were married now, she felt awkward to approach Kevin, especially when they were at an intimate distance. She didn't know what was wrong with her. But she got extremely nervous whenever Kevin came close to her.

"You sure you are okay? Because there is a huge bruise on your skin." Kevin looked at Leena's fair-skinned foot. There was a massive bruise on it. Kevin again got furious at the sight of the ugly bruise. 'Can't you take care of yourself?' Kevin roared at Leena in his heart. He wondered what she was thinking right now. She was severely hurt but was still refusing his help.

"You can hand the medicine to me! I can do it myself." Leena stretched out her hand for the medicine. But she had forgotten that her hand was even more severely hurt. So, Kevin's reaction at sight of the burn on her hand was indeed beyond her expectation. Kevin squinted his eyes to examine the burnt part carefully. The sternness in his eyes, like that of a ferocious eagle, was so terrifying that Leena didn't dare to speak.

"Leena, do you think that you can apply medicine on your wound with a burnt hand? What the hell did you do to get so badly burned?" Kevin closed his eyes in despair. Was he wrong in marrying her? Leena was born into a wealthy family. Her parents treated her like a princess. She didn't need to lift a single finger for her daily affairs at home, as her servants

Leena examined Kevin in his military uniform from a close distance. Unlike her brother's elegance and courtesy, Kevin was handsome with masculine charm. He looked calm and stern, which might be due to his military uniform.

"Raise your foot up. Hurry!" Kevin put down her hand carefully. 'It was severely hurt. It will probably get infected without proper treatment by a doctor,' thought Kevin.

"Hmm! The foot - that might be unnecessary!" Leena eyed Kevin carefully and said in a doubtful tone. She intended to turn down his suggestion, but she was afraid that her refusal would enrage him again. As a result, her refusal didn't sound determined. Leena felt a change in her attitude towards Kevin. She didn't use to care about his mood swings or anger. In recent days, however, she had spent too much time obsessing about his feelings. That might not be a good sign!

"Of course it is necessary. I must rub your foot with some herbal wine. And the spray will help your bruise to recover faster." Kevin frowned while speaking with Leena. Getting no response from her, Kevin grasped Leena's foot all of a sudden and put it on his leg. In Kevin's opinion, Leena was not a coy woman. But to his surprise, she looked quite conservative and shy today. Kevin tried to figure out the reason behind Leena's abnormal behavior. Why was she behaving so strangely today? She wasn't the woman that he had known anymore.

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