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   Chapter 372 I'm Not Going To The Hospital (Part One)

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It was supposed to be a date between lovers. However, with Brian joining them it had turned into a party for friends who hadn't seen each other for a long time. Edward, who should be the male protagonist in the date, looked deserted in this gathering. He just listened quietly while Daisy and Brian chatted fervently about their past that had nothing to do with him. It seemed that he was the third wheel in tonight's date. Although Edward was left out in the cold, he felt neither embarrassed nor angry. He sat silently on his seat, ate his beefsteak and gracefully sipped the red wine. He looked so noble and so charming that he had become the focus of attention at the restaurant. Many guests were peeping at him. But he paid no attention to them and casually went on dining and drinking. Every few minutes, he raised his head to cast an affectionate look at the woman sitting opposite him. His glamour appeared in every gesture and every glimpse of him.

Daisy didn't shift her gaze from Edward when she was conversing with Brian. She enjoyed talking with Brian, but she could not help herself from glancing at Edward, as he was always the focus of attention for her. Edward was the only man that Daisy wanted to love for the rest of her life.

Daisy and Edward cared about each other, although at times they tried to behave otherwise. Brian had, of course, noticed their sweet gestures. Brian saw that Daisy and Edward had fallen deeply in love with each other. Brian felt happy for Daisy; her happiness was one of his greatest wishes. Although he loved Daisy too, he didn't mind that his beloved woman was in love with another man. He just wanted her to have a happy life and was willing to do anything to make that happen. But like a spoiled boy, Brian could not help himself from approaching her and had tried his best to attract her attention.

At the same time, Leena was having an unfavorable night. It all started when she burned her hand while cooking in her apartment. She looked at the s

l on her foot. What a lucky day for Leena!

Kevin frowned on seeing the turn of events. He turned off the gas stove quickly. Then he grabbed Leena into his arms, lifted her and carried her out of the kitchen. His face darkened when he carried her towards the living room. Leena noticed his worried expression. She wondered why Kevin got so bothered all of a sudden. Did he feel sad for the broken turner or did he get mad at her for the mess in the kitchen? But Leena could not find the answer to her question.

"Kevin, I can walk." Leena witnessed Kevin's cold expression for the first time today. He looked quite stern and terrifying when he was in a serious mood. Leena stared at his darkened face until she was breathless with nervousness. She assumed that she was the reason behind Kevin's rage. But Leena wondered what she had done to enrage him. She thought about everything that had happened, but nothing seemed peculiar in her opinion. Did Kevin get angry because she messed up the pork leg?

"Shut up." Kevin carefully placed Leena on the couch. Instead of saying something to her, Kevin ran straight upstairs. This puzzled Leena. She had no idea what Kevin intended to do. As Leena knew nothing about the cause for Kevin's anger, she had to stay where she was and wait for his return lest she might enrage him further.

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