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   Chapter 371 How Horrible You Are (Part Two)

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"Who? Him? I've never seen a man like him in my whole life!" Edward retorted sourly and gulped down his glass of water; he was parched after arguing with Brian. Edward just met Brian at the party last night. He had no idea Brian was Daisy's younger brother, that was why he mistook him for her ex-lover and got green with envy. The second time they met was here at the restaurant tonight; and once again, Brian stole Daisy's attention from him when he intended to have a romantic date with her. How could Edward put on a happy smile and greet him?

"Daisy, why did you choose to be a soldier? I have no idea about that, " asked Brian. Brian dropped the topic as soon as Daisy told him to. He always followed whatever she said. He knew Daisy loved Edward and didn't want to see them fight, so he changed the topic and asked Daisy the question that had been lingering in his mind for quite a while. They grew up together, and he certainly knew Daisy's dream career when she was little, and it had nothing to do with the military. He wondered what made Daisy change her mind all of a sudden.

"Nothing special. I guess I just felt like it. Why did you ask? You don't want me to be a soldier?" Back then, Daisy gave up everything and chose to be a soldier because when she first met Edward, he said he didn't like weak people. Edward might have forgotten this, but on that day Daisy decided she had to be strong. However, Daisy figured Brian didn't have to know those details. In fact, even if she had chosen to live a different life because of what Edward had said, still she was utterly devoted to her career. The new identity had been her redemption.

After spending more than a decade building her strength in the army, she was no longer the weak girl who used to weep tears of grief. She was a fierce and strong female colonel with numerous honors and medals. It wasn't easy for a woman to gain so many achievements in just a few years. Daisy had learned a lot a

was no point bringing it up over and over again. We all had a life to live, and we couldn't let ourselves get lost in sad memories forever. Grieving over the past would do us no good, it only made things worse if we were crying for the lost and paying no attention to the present.

"I've been doing okay. Nothing particularly interesting. I was just studying there and enjoying life." Brian curled his lips into a weak smile. He didn't mean to show off that he had been living an affluent and carefree life when Daisy was suffering in the army. He felt ashamed of himself because of his purposeless way of life.

Edward cast a surprised look at Brian when he heard what he had said. The look on his face seemed sincere; it didn't look like he was lying. Then Edward frowned and was lost in his thoughts. He realized that although Brian came from the Ouyang family, he wasn't like the other members of his family. Brian was nice and decent, unlike his arrogant and spoiled sister Mary. No wonder he got along well with Daisy. Edward suddenly felt sorry for him. It must be hard for Brian to choose between his parents and his beloved sister. But he was an Ouyang, and that was the problem he had to face. Edward figured that life didn't go easy on anyone, and every family had their own problems to solve.

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