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   Chapter 370 How Horrible You Are (Part One)

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"Are you out of your mind? We are ordering a couple set, for God's sake! It's a set for two! We're on a date, not a family night out with child. I'm sure you don't want to be the third wheel, do you?" Edward growled at Brian. He wanted to share a romantic night with Daisy, filled with candles, flowers, delicious food and sweet conversations. But Brian suddenly showed up and ruined everything! The romantic and intimate ambiance he had been hoping for had vanished because of Brian's sudden appearance.

"My dear brother-in-law, don't you know? If one set isn't enough for the three of us, you can always order another set. One for the two of you, and the other for me! After all, I'm still a growing boy, and I need some extra nutrition. Don't worry; I can eat all of it. Don't mind me and please go back to whatever you were doing. I'll just sit here quietly and enjoy my food. I won't bother you. I promise you won't even know I'm here!" Ignoring the rage in Edward's eyes, Brian shrugged and gave an ear-to-ear smile, as if he didn't notice how furious Edward was because he invited himself to join them for dinner.

"What? You? Still growing? Come on, don't be ridiculous and try something more realistic! Something like you're putting on weight! And what did you just say about ignoring you? Buddy, you're not invisible, okay? Look how enormous you are! And you're sitting right here at the table. I'm not blind; how am I supposed to pretend that I can't see you?" With rage still burning in his eyes, Edward glared at Brian and sharply retorted. His anger was evident in every single word that came out his mouth. It seemed as if he wanted to skin Brian alive.

"Don't mind him, Brian. Come here and have a seat with us. He's crazy. Just ignore him." Daisy knew why Edward was angry. He had planned to spend a romantic night with Daisy; they hardly got the chance to do so lately. Edward had every right to be mad. Now that he was picking on Brian, Daisy thought she'd interrupt before Edward lost his temper and picked up a fight with Brian. She invited Brian to sit down with them and deliberately blamed Edward for his rudeness; she knew her words might upset Edward, but he wouldn't be ang

found something worth living for. Teasing his new brother-in-law had officially become his latest hobby! Nothing gave him more pleasure than to see Edward's angry face when he kept pushing him. Brian enjoyed seeing Edward hold back his rage because he couldn't attack him in front of Daisy. 'You asked for it! You are the one who threw the first punch at me last night! I won't be me if I don't make you pay with interest!' Brian was gloating secretly.

"Dude, how long have you been abroad? You can't even say your mother tongue properly now?" With his eyes fixed on Brian, Edward said those words between his gritted teeth. He pretended to be calm, but the wrath burning in his eyes gave him away. 'Hypocrite? Seriously? Is that how he should address his sister's husband? Damn it! Am I a jerk in his eyes? Maybe that's why he keeps picking on me. Perhaps he hates me because he thinks I'm not good enough for Daisy.' Edward thought to himself gloomily.

"Alright, stop it, both of you. Did something happen between you two earlier that I don't know about? Why do you act like arch enemies every time you see each other? You are grown men, not 3-year-old kids!" Daisy rolled her eyes and tried to stop the childish feud between her husband and her younger brother. They both were the most important people in her life; she sincerely hoped they would get along well with each other. Even if they didn't like each other, couldn't they pretend to be nice for her sake?

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