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   Chapter 369 The Romantic Date

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7468

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"Fine. Let's not talk about the baby. But please meet me. I have to discuss something important with you, "

Jessica implored while biting her lower lip. She had never been so humble in her life. She knew that this was her last chance. If she missed it, she would be in a more embarrassing situation, so she discarded her usual haughty attitude and pretended not to feel her aching heart. Besides, when it came to Edward, her pride always got undermined.

"We can talk on the phone. You have five minutes." Edward raised his voice a bit. Daisy, who had been sleeping in the passenger's seat, was awakened by his voice.

"Have we arrived? Oh, you are on the phone." Daisy sluggishly looked at Edward with droopy eyes. She looked innocent, adorable and feminine.

"Not yet. Go back to sleep. It's not an important call. Did I wake you?" Edward said gently, totally ignoring the person on the other end of the phone.

Hearing what Edward had said to Daisy, Jessica's expression changed unwittingly. She knew that he was with Daisy in his car. She remembered that he used to talk to her in that gentle tone back then. She used to stay in his arms like a spoiled child. There was a time when she was the happy woman sitting in the passenger's seat next to Edward. But now, she was nothing to him.

Bygones were bygones. Jessica was just a meaningless fling to Edward. She closed her eyes in grief and listened to him affectionately talking to another woman. Her heart was bleeding.

She hung up the phone in silence, tears streaming down her pretty cheeks. Right now, there was only one person in Edward's heart -Daisy. Jessica was in no place to talk. Whether what she had heard was an act or not, she had lost her last bit of confidence.

Jessica sat on the chair helplessly. Her youth, her love, and her upper-class lifestyle had all gone, for nothing. Her years of love and obsession for Edward eventually lost to Daisy.

She sneered. She used to think that she was special to him, that was why she never believed it when people used to say that the CEO of FX International Group was insensitive and ruthless. But now, seeing how he treated Daisy, she realized that it was true. He could be so cold and cruel to the people

worse by the day. Your mind is filled with filth. What do you use it for, I wonder?"

Daisy tried to pull herself together. If Edward noticed her uneasiness because of his tease, he would enjoy it and ridicule her all tonight. Darn! Being in a relationship with such an evil guy was exhausting. You had to be very careful with his tricks all the time.

"Honey, be reasonable. You were naughty first. I just disclosed what you were thinking. How come I am getting blamed?"

Edward pretended to be wronged. He acted innocent, but actually, his head was filled with dirty ideas. No one could win over him in shamelessness. More lewd remarks might come out of his mouth. So to shut him up, Daisy had to acquiesce to his words, although they were just nonsense.

"I would be a fool if I continued to argue with you over this." Daisy drank a mouthful of water from the glass on the table. She was in no mood to carry this topic forward because she knew she would be at a disadvantage.

"OK. Let's order a set meal for a couple." Edward knew well what she was capable of. Once the tiger was awakened in public, his reputation would be ruined. So he dropped the topic immediately.

"A set meal for a couple? Count me in, " a vigorous voice said. It was Brian. He smiled mischievously at Daisy and Edward, his glance shifting back and forth from one to the other. He just came in to grab a bite and hadn't expected to bump into them. His luck had been good lately. What a beautiful life!

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