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   Chapter 368 Daisy You Are Too Cocky (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5577

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"I will think about it. Go finish the things I asked you to do first." Jessica lowered her head, holding her head in her hands. She seemed lost in thought. Who was behind all this? She had the same idea as her special assistant did. She didn't believe it was Edward again. If he really wanted to make Lin Group go bankrupt, he wouldn't have let it go last time. But who would have such a big grudge against Lin Group? She was confused.

She touched her belly gently, and her heart sank deeper. Her father had been sent to overseas to have a good rest there. She did this to hide her pregnancy from him. If he found that she was pregnant, he probably would pass out again. But this time, the company was confronted with such a serious problem, she feared that she was unable to handle it by herself. To tell the truth, after the heavy blow last time, the Lin Group was very vulnerable now. If she could not find capital to put into the company, she had no other option but to declare bankruptcy.

But where could she get such large amounts of capital in such a short time? She didn't have very close friends in this trade. She used to think that she had Edward with her. So she was always very arrogant and set her sights high. She ignored all the other rich men who flattered her. Because in her heart, she was the one who was bound to become Edward's wife. But she didn't expect that Daisy would get in the way and shatter all her dreams. This was a deadly blow which surprised her a lot.

If she went to Edward and begged him for help, would he help her because they used to be lovers? But when thinking of his cold attitude towards her, she hesitated doing this. B

e she feared so much what he'd do, she should have kept his warnings in mind. But she seemed to go the wrong way, she dared to made the same mistakes despite his repeated warnings. If he didn't punish her severely, would she ever take him seriously? She needed to be taught a lesson.

"Don't get angry, Edward. You know that I rarely ask anything of you. Even if you forget the fact that we have been together for so many years, you should think about our child." Jessica begged, crying. She had lost her dignity in front of this man early on, so she really had nothing to lose now.

"Our child? Jessica, how many times do you need me to tell you that your child has nothing to do with me? How many times will it take to get it through your thick skull? Please don't force the baby on me, okay?" Edward sighed. Why did he forget to give his health check report to that conceited woman? That would save him from claiming for himself over and over again. It was because his carelessness that he didn't take the matter of the child too seriously, so that Jessica got a chance to make a fuss by using the child.

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