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   Chapter 367 Daisy You Are Too Cocky (Part One)

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Edward narrowed his sinister eyes and looked at Daisy, was she flirting with him on her own initiative? Wouldn't she feel he was cold and unromantic if he didn't savor the feast that came to him by itself? With the thought, he immediately took control. Because Daisy's kissing skills really sucked. Of course, he wouldn't let her know this, otherwise he couldn't imagine what she'd do. He would certainly be doomed.

He kissed her passionately. But his kiss was also very gentle and sweet. This made Daisy who had expected a light kiss lost in the endless sensual delight created by Edward. He was such a good kisser. If he hadn't mentioned it to her repeatedly, she wouldn't believe that she was the only woman who had kissed him.

"Then just admit the woman you were talking about is me." Daisy gasped hastily and reluctantly left his thin and sexy lips. She gazed at him gently. Her face turned red and dewy-like after the passionate kiss, making anyone who saw the face want to have a bite of it. She had gone to great lengths to sacrifice her kiss in order to get answers, she didn't believe that this hateful man would continue to be pretentious.

"If you continue to please me, I'll consider saying it's you. What do you think? Does Colonel Ouyang want this honor?" Edward looked into Daisy's eyes slyly, a cunning smile climbing to his handsome face. That expression was fascinating.

"Really? I'd rather you keep this honor to another woman. As a Colonel, I don't care about it. The world may be short of many things, but I'm sure there is no lack of two-legged men."

Daisy looked at Edward mischievously while raising her eyebrows arrogantly, a charming smile crossing her face. 'Huh, Edward, you're really that kind of guy who wants to

Group completely last time, they thought they didn't really want Lin Group to go bankrupt. They wouldn't make a comeback to the company so soon, unless their CEO irritated Edward again. Which was why he went against his own code and caused all this mayhem. That was unusual for him. He was not that kind of man, the assistant thought.

"Why are you asking me? Why is it whenever something happens you only think to ask me? If I know the solution, why would I need you? You're useless, all of you! Just think of a way to satisfy the shareholders. No matter what, don't let them sell our stock! Do you need me to remind you of such a simple thing? Why are you still here, you pieces of shit?" Jessica ground her teeth and screamed furiously. Daisy pissed her off when they met today, she didn't expect to hear such bad news when she came back to the company. How was it possible for her to be calm now? She was going ballistic.

"Okay, Miss Lin, we will go to talk with our shareholders now. But what should we do to save the stock which continues plummeting?" The special assistant looked furtively at Jessica, fearing of inviting a blow from her. His voice trailed off.

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