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   Chapter 366 Changed a Lot Because of You

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"But I feel like I'm being cruel to make you talk about the past. I don't want to see you get sad. My heart will hurt too,"

Daisy said affectionately. At this moment, she wasn't the shy woman anymore. She extended her slender hands to rub Edward's knitted eyebrows. She didn't like seeing him wincing, because it meant he was being troubled by something and her heart would ache.

"I'm not sad, just resigned. I'm fine." Feeling Daisy's hands tremble, Edward sighed. He could see that although she appeared aloof, she was full of passion. And all that passion was for him, which he considered a blessing. He was willing to go through anything with her.

"OK. If you feel sad, you can stop talking anytime. Although I hope I can know everything about you, I don't want you to get upset, so don't worry about me." Daisy's heart was aching, because she was familiar with the feelings of being ignored by family members, which was her life story. She understood Edward.

"Maybe you won't believe me. My father has never held me once since my childhood. I have no idea how it feels to be spoiled by a father. At first I envied those people who have a happy family, then I started hating them. I was bitter. I was once filled with those deep feelings because of my own family. Although my mom loves me, I will never be as important as my father to her. So when they sent me abroad to live alone, I didn't feel sad but relieved."

Edward still remembered how thrilled he had been that day. He had wondered if he would become their sole concern after he parted with them. He had worked hard because he had hoped to become the best person he could be so that his father would like him. However, letdown after letdown, he finally knew. He found that no matter how hard he tried, he would always be the fifth wheel in that rich family. He was destined to be neglected by his parents.

Day after day, it didn't matter to him anymore. He stopped longing for care and love, because he realized that he would never get them. All his effort would be to no avail. It was meaningless to keep wasting his time.

"Then I promised myself that if I couldn't be a responsible father, I wouldn't have a child. So al

cer she was!

"Yes, I was indeed brutal to you. I made a mistake. But in the past three months, I have changed a lot because of you. For the first time I waited for a woman; for the first time I felt insecure in a relationship; for the first time I let a woman kiss my lips; for the first time I know how wonderful it is to love someone; and for the first time I know I can drop my pride for a woman."

If these things were the punishment for his cruelty to her, he was willing to take them, because he owed her. And because it was for Daisy, the woman he would be devoted to for the rest of his life.

"Is all this true? Am I that woman?" Daisy asked and looked at Edward with an enchanting and passionate smile. He was amazed to see how charming she was at this moment. That smile was like a breeze caressing his cheeks and softening his heart, brightening his years. It was engraved upon his heart so that he would still be able to recall it even after a long, long time.

"Who says it is you? Colonel, you're so full of yourself." Edward teased her. She was rarely tender like today. Normally, she would just kick him or cold shoulder him.

"Not me? Not even when I'm doing this?" Daisy kissed Edward on the lips before she finished her sentence. He had said that no other woman had kissed his lips but her, which excited her. She was glad that he had been telling the truth before. Those lips had never been touched by any other woman. They were all hers.

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