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   Chapter 364 I Don't Trust Myself (Part One)

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"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you. It's just...something happened and I'm a little distracted. Please don't take it to heart." Playing with the buttons on Edward's black shirt, Daisy lowered her head and answered absently. She didn't dare to look into Edward's angry eyes. She knew she had upset him again. He was like a lion that just woke up from its sleep; he was angry and aggressive. Daisy didn't have the courage to face the disappointment in his eyes.

With his eyes fixed on Daisy's hands, Edward quietly watched Daisy play with his shirt and said nothing to stop her. After a while, he finally broke silence, "Now tell me. Who did you run into today? Was it Jessica? Or someone from the Ouyang family? What did they say or do to you to make you act like this? Don't ever try to deny this or lie to me. I know you don't want me to worry, but it doesn't work that way. I just need the truth."

Mixed emotions surged in his eyes. Something must be wrong, otherwise Daisy wouldn't be acting like this. Although Edward didn't want to force Daisy into talking, he knew there were things they had to solve sooner or later. The sooner they took care of them, the less pain they would suffer. It had suddenly come to him that it was time for him to take care of a lot of things before they got worse.

"Edward, would you mind telling me something about Jessica? I'm really curious. You were never short of dates; so what did you see in her that made you be with her for all these years? Her beauty? Her body? Maybe something else?" Daisy wasn't foolish. She knew the relationship between Edward and Jessica wouldn't be just as simple as friends with benefits. If it was merely sexual, there were so many women would die trying to crawl into Edward's bed; he didn't have to hold on to Jessica. Therefore, the only reasonable explanation left was that Edward had some other feelings for Jessica. That made sense to Daisy.

"So you saw Jessica today. What? Do you really want to hear me talk about her?" asked Edward as a hint of desire flashed through his eyes. He grabbed Daisy's hands to stop her from further turning him on. He was aroused by her simple moves even if she


"Edward, you're a jerk!" Daisy gradually came to realize that she always gave in when Edward threatened her with such things. There was nothing she could do about it. She got annoyed. Was Edward the death of her? Edward was the man she could never turn down. Whatever he wanted her to do, she would be doing it without any hesitation or regret because she loved him so much. She didn't know how to reject him, for such a thing didn't even exist in her world.

"What jerk? That's just a normal physiological reaction! Any man will be turned on with the love of his life in his arms, unless he's impotent. But I'm not, and I love you."

Edward calmly excused himself with a smirk, as if he was telling Daisy something as simple as one and one equals two. However, Daisy found his look very annoying, and she really wanted to punch him in the face. 'Maybe he'd stop teasing me and be quiet for a while with a black eye.' Daisy thought to herself sulkily.

"Are you trying to distract me so you wouldn't have to talk about Jessica with me?" Okay, if he wanted her to sit on his lap, then she would. Big deal! Daisy shrugged and remained still in his arms. She didn't wear her uniform today, so she wouldn't bring shame to the army if someone should pass by and see them like this. Besides, it wasn't the central park downtown, they hardly saw anyone around. The only sound they could hear was birds singing joyfully on the branches above them.

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