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   Chapter 363 It Has To Be Me

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"Don't try to slander me. I earned my place. Unlike you, I don't sell beauty. And who wants to stay in bed for a month?" Daisy's voice grew fainter and fainter until it faded to whispering. She flushed instantly as she thought of what he had done to her in bed.

"You really take every word I say to heart, don't you? Come here. Don't tell me my beauty can't work its magic on you anymore."

Edward caught her almost inaudible murmuring and his darkened mood turned bright immediately, a brilliant smile lighting up his handsome face, his eyes shining with deep affection. He had remarkable hearing and heard what she said clearly. But he couldn't help but surrender to her miserable face. His heart softened at the sight of her, and all his anger ebbed away.

"Why don't you come over here?" It seemed to her there was something dangerous about the car. She would be stupid to go near the car. Too many things could be done in a car, and God knew what he would do to her. She believed she would stand a chance in a fight with him, but it wasn't a guaranteed win. Even by her standards, he was good at fighting, if not better.

"Daisy, are you sure you just want to stand there?" His lips curved into a slow, affectionate smile, his intense blue eyes fastened on hers. For a few long seconds, she was riveted by his breathtaking beauty. But when she regained control, she still didn't step forward.

"You promise you won't get mad at me again. Then I'll decide." Daisy was nervous. She had no idea where this would lead. She tried to strike a bargain with him cautiously. She was a soldier, but like other women, she would be willful and intractable sometimes.

"Well. I promise. Relax. I can't feel my feet now. I can't do anything to you like this." If it hadn't been for his feet, he would have already hugged her tightly instead of just stood here trying to make a deal. Damn his luck!

"What's wrong with your feet? Let me have a look." Daisy hurried forward as soon as she heard his words. Was there a car accident on the way? Did he get hurt? It was highly possible considering his almost uncontrolled driving speed.

"God, you are driving me insane." As soon as she got near him, he reached out to pull her in his arms and kissed her eagerly. She had no idea how he had felt on the way here, that he had listed countless explanation for what he had done, that his heart twisted painfully at the thought of her, that his world would have collapsed without her.

"Um…" Daisy's eyes widened. She was tricked by him again! So the feet were just an excuse to get her to come closer. She had known it was not safe to get near the car. Now things went his way again.

she desired so badly, a place she could rely on. But it had belonged to other women once, no matter how much she wanted it.

And now he stood right before her, hugged her. He was hers, truly and completely. No one could take him away from her, she wouldn't let that happen.

She had overreacted today. But she didn't regret it. If she couldn't express her feelings, frustration and anger would keep building up in her heart until one day she couldn't take them any more and explode. If he truly loved her, he should be able to tolerate her occasional emotional fits.

Normally she was quite rational. She had intended to have a walk and get rid of her bad mood. But his call just pushed her buttons and before knowing it she snapped, all the resentment built up over the years exploding out of her.

"Edward, if one day you decide you don't love me anymore, just forward me the divorce papers by messenger or something. I'm afraid I won't be able to control myself, and who knows what I'd do, I might shoot you if I see you in person at that time."

Daisy always felt insecure about their love, not sure where this relationship was going. A faint sadness was lurking in the deep corner of her heart like a ghost. Every time she saw his handsome face, the bitter feeling lingered in her mind.

"Are you seriously trying to annoy me? If I divorce you, I'll kill myself before you shoot me. I'm not kidding -- you know how I am when I lose control. Don't ever say the 'd' word to me again, okay?"

He was just a jerk in her eyes. She didn't trust him, had no faith in their love. The knowledge of her insecurity was almost unbearable for him. But what was more galling was the word 'divorce' from her mouth, it hurt him much more than having his chest blown open by a bullet.

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