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   Chapter 362 Do You Have The Guts To Say It Again

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Daisy feebly leaned against a tree along the path and thought to herself, "Am I crazy? Why am I being so emotional?" She didn't know how to face Edward later. She couldn't wait to run away, but she was afraid that Edward would get angry if he didn't see her here. She had felt his rage by the way he yelled at her on the phone moments ago.

Daisy bit her lips and asked herself, "Since when did I become a stereotypical sentimental woman? From the success of FX International Group, I should have known that he's not as benign as it appears. Why did I make his repressed viciousness come out?"

Edward sped off along the way. Luckily, it wasn't the rush hour, so he didn't meet an accident. But when he got out of the downtown area, he began to slow down, to avoid any mishaps. Luke was driving behind him insanely to follow his car.

Blue eyes, pointed nose, soft lips, and a chiseled jawline, his handsome face was still attractive even when he was angry. Edward moved his lips coldly and began to feel a sting in his heart. 'Was she blaming me?' He thought to himself. 'She probably despises me. Does she think I am lewd because I have slept with countless women?

She doesn't know that I may seem like a womanizer, but I have only slept with a few of those women. The rest of the women were just a cover for me to confuse people into believing that I'm a promiscuous playboy.'

The truth of the matter was, he did all of that to attract his parents' attention. Even though they were traveling around the world, Edward knew that his parents were keeping an eye on him. He deliberately led a dissolute life to attract their concern. But in the end, it was all in vain because it proved to be meaningless for them.

Edward never doubted the power of true love; his parents were living proof of eternal love. But he had never found anyone who could pull his heartstrings before, so naturally, love was out of the question. However, one fine morning a few months ago, Daisy suddenly showed up, without any greetings, explanations or even eye contact, she left Justin to him and walked away. She was arrogant and cold like the wintersweet. Edward was attracted to her personality, and right at that moment, something in his heart changed.

Gradually he walked towards her, and he lost his heart with every step. He made every effort to keep Daisy in his life; he even gave up his dissolute life. Soon his love turned boisterous, and he landed in her love trap. But he didn't plan to run away. Instead, he was willing to be imprisoned by her love. However, he felt Daisy didn't

was hard to perceive his thoughts from his deep eyes, but the sarcasm on his handsome face was quite obvious.

He thought she would come to him to explain her outburst on the phone. He had waited for quite some time now, but she didn't take action. Finally, he took action although his feet still felt a little numb. Fortunately, he could rely on the car door. He really wanted to sort things out with Daisy who looked disturbed.

Edward laughed at himself and thought, 'Edward, because of Daisy, you have experienced thousands of the first times; you swallow your pride; you value her tears; you drop your attitude; you get frantic; you feel heartache; you begin to step forward first; you love; you hate, and you enjoy every bit of it.'

"You told me to stay put on the phone." Daisy murmured with an innocent look on her face. She was scared to make eye contact with Edward's keen eyes, so she just played with a little rock on the ground with the tip of her shoe. Daisy had no idea why she was afraid of him. Although she was a Colonel and she was supposed to be fearless, she followed his orders and fulfilled them. Perhaps it was because she had loved him intensely, wasn't it?

"Pff! Daisy, are you sure you didn't play a game of badgering to attain your military title? I can't believe that you would follow such a stupid order. I've never seen you behave so deferentially as you do today." Edward said and smiled, which was the first relaxed smile on his face since he came here. All his complaints and distrust had vanished because of her silly words. It also reminded him why he had desperately fallen in love with such a cold and stubborn woman. He was fascinated with the naive look on Daisy's face.

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