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   Chapter 361 Are You Trying to Avoid Me

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"Jessica, I assure you that your child has nothing to do with my husband. Even if you don't believe me, you shouldn't bother me. You should ask him directly, and he will prove it to you. I hope you won't disturb our life anymore."

Clearly, Daisy didn't want to explain anything to her anymore. From the day she returned from the military exercise, she was cornered by Jessica on every step. It was like being hunted by a ghost. Every time they met, Jessica always said something that hurt Daisy. Truth be told Daisy hated Jessica.

"OK. I will prove that this is Edward's son and at that time, you'll be sorry for everything." Jessica glared at Daisy. She wanted to scratch Daisy's pretty face. Perhaps then she wouldn't act so proud.

"Well, I'll wait for that day to come. As a colonel, I never fight a war without preparation. You're going to lose, Jessica, " Daisy said with a smile on her face. Life seemed to be a continually changing battlefield. But she had to face it.

"Ha-ha! Daisy, has anyone ever told you that you're really annoying, especially with your arrogant looks?" Jessica gritted her teeth in anger. Since Edward's mother did not like her, she didn't have to pretend to be gentle and kind. She was a shrew not a noblewoman.

"I know that, so don't bother telling me again." Daisy didn't think she's excessively appealing. The soldiers in the military base were so afraid of her that they secretly called her the devil. Daisy was quite aware of this fact.

"Humph!" Jessica knew that Daisy wanted her to leave. She would be more embarrassed if she didn't. So she gave a cold look to Daisy and left. Jessica thought that she would take revenge soon. After all, the final winner was yet to be known.

"Daisy, just ignore her. If you get bothered by such a woman, you will get the short end of the stick. Besides, it can't be Edward's son. I'm sure you've talked to each other about that, so don't mind what she said." Although she was sure that it wasn't Edward's child, she was still a little worried. She wasn't as confident as she had been.

"I know, mom. He has explained that to me." Daisy smiled reluctantly. How foolish she would be if she cared about Jessica's words. So she'd better face everything calmly. Worrying wasn't going to solve anything. After all, nothing hurt more than being

el or not. You are my wife, and I care about you." Edward picked up his car keys as he spoke and quickly left the office without saying a word to the group of secretaries outside. He was anxious about her safety when he heard her sobbing voice.

"Why do you have such a horrible past and why do I have to face the painful memories?" Daisy cried. Edward and Jessica's past bothered her. Every time Daisy saw Jessica, she couldn't help but imagine how much they had loved each other in the past. Though Daisy pretended not to care about that, she was in deep pain.

After hearing her, Edward stopped unwittingly. His instinct told him that Daisy must have met someone today; otherwise, she wouldn't behave like that. He knew Daisy would never question him like that, no matter how sad she was.

Edward knew his past was horrible, so he accepted Daisy's criticism. He wished he hadn't been a playboy. At that time, he had chosen the dissolute lifestyle to balance his life.

Edward thought Daisy didn't care about his shameful past. He didn't know that she just pretended not to care. Daisy kept trying to control her emotions, but the feeling was growing deeper than she could bear. That's why Daisy was so uncontrollably emotional.

Edward came out of the FX International Group building, and immediately left in a royal blue Maybach. Edward drove as fast as the F1 drivers. Luke followed Edward closely. He didn't know what was going on; he was worried about him, but he knew there was only one person who could make Edward so insane, Daisy.

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