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   Chapter 360 But What About My Child (Part Two)

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"This woman is your mother?" Jessica looked at Cynthia with surprise. How could a stunning and youthful woman like her be Daisy's mother? This woman seemed graceful and noble. Did she mishear? Jessica wondered.

"Yes, to put it more accurately, I'm Daisy's mother-in-law. So what can I call you, Miss?" Cynthia sat beside Daisy and racked her brains out, trying to remember who this woman was. But she failed to get any clues.

"Hi, Auntie. I'm Jessica Lin, I'm stunned to see how young and beautiful you look." Jessica immediately realized who the woman was. She was Edward's mother. This was great for her plan. But how come both his parents looked so young? Jessica felt a shiver go down her spine at the thought of Edward's indifferent behavior at the party the other day.

"Oh! You're Jessica!" Cynthia nodded. No wonder she felt she had met this woman before. She used to see all kinds of reports about Jessica and Edward in the newspapers. But why was she here with Daisy? Cynthia wondered.

"Auntie, do you know about me? Did Edward mention me to you?" Jessica couldn't help but feel delighted on hearing Cynthia's words. It seemed that she still had a place in Edward's heart, otherwise how could his mother know about her? Jessica thought.

"I have seen you in the newspapers. My son has never mentioned any woman to me, except for his wife, of course."

Cynthia took a glance at Daisy. She felt relieved when she noticed Daisy's calm manner. 'Ah! It is all Edward's fault. He has put Daisy in an awkward position, I'm sure she feels stuck in the middle, ' Cynthia thought.

"Oh? But you know about my relationship with Edward, right?" Jessica felt annoyed that Daisy won again. She couldn't bear that Edward cared so much about Daisy.


rd has given you all the answers. So it's useless to argue with us here. Besides, I believe that my son is a responsible man. If this really is Edward's child, he will give you a satisfactory response, but if it's not, he won't give a damn. Judging from Edward's indifferent attitude towards you, I think it's obvious that your child has nothing to do with him. So please behave yourself and stop harassing Daisy. After all, she had also experienced the same struggles."

Although Cynthia didn't spend too much time with Edward, as a mother, she knew her son's likes and dislikes. She also knew quite well about his personality and character. She was sure that Jessica's child had nothing to do with Edward. Otherwise, Edward wouldn't be so relaxed when he was with Daisy.

"It's impossible. I have been with one man only and that's Edward. If Edward is not the father of my child, then who else would it be? Why? Why are you all so sure?" Jessica shook her head frantically. She had heard these words many times. Edward had said those to her more than once, and every time he seemed quite firm about it. Was there something she didn't know about Edward? She wondered.

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