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   Chapter 359 But What About My Child (Part One)

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Daisy watched Cynthia disappear from the corner of her eye. She got lost in her thoughts while gazing at the coffee in her hands. People say that any two individuals who've shared a similar life experience are bound to become intimate. So did Edward really love her? Or did he choose to be with her out of sympathy? Perhaps the fact that they both had an unhappy childhood misled him into confusing sympathy with love. Was this the case? Daisy wondered.

Daisy's heart wrenched, thinking of such a possibility. The more Edward bestowed his intense love on her, the deeper she lost herself in that love. If all this was fake, what would she do? Would she run away without any hesitation as she did after their wedding day?

She took a sip of her coffee, her gaze falling on the sensual woman who was walking in the coffee house. She unwittingly furrowed her eyebrows. This woman was unquestionably a stunner in the eyes of men. Her voluptuous figure and stunning appearance were both attractive. With every move, she looked gorgeous and fascinating.

Daisy slowly turned her head to avoid being seen by the woman. She didn't want to cause a conflict by conversing with her. So she chose to ignore her blatantly. But things seldom went as per one's wishes. Daisy didn't want to cause trouble, but it didn't mean that the other person shared the same thought.

"Hey Daisy, you seem unhappy to see me." Jessica always discoursed in a condescending and arrogant manner. She noticed Daisy as soon as she entered the coffee house. She knew that Daisy had also seen her, but she didn't expect that Daisy would turn her head and look away at the sight of her. Jessica was very proud of herself, she couldn't stand being snubbed by anyone.

"What do you expect from me?

someone had intruded on her private property.

"Huh! Daisy, are you trying to declare your ownership to me? Don't forget that Edward once belonged to me and I'm carrying his child now. Why shouldn't I call him intimately?" Jessica narrowed her eyes and stared at Daisy. Nobody knew who would be the ultimate winner. She still thought she had a shot at winning Edward back.

"Child? What child? Daisy, is she your friend?" Cynthia frowned at Jessica. She disliked her from the very first sight and she didn't know why. It was probably because Jessica was too ostentatious.

"No, we've just met a few times. Mom, please sit here." Daisy didn't expect that Cynthia would come back so soon. She felt flustered and Jessica couldn't be counted as her friend anyway, they had met each other a couple of times. So what Daisy told Cynthia wasn't a lie. She didn't know how to explain about Jessica to Cynthia.

"Oh, she's not a friend? I assumed she's your friend." Cynthia looked at Jessica doubtfully, the more carefully she examined her, the more she felt this woman looked familiar to her. She must have seen her somewhere, but at the moment she couldn't remember who she was.

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