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   Chapter 357 Is She Your Daughter-in-law (Part One)

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"I love choosing clothes for you. You know what? That's probably one of the happiest things in my life. Even if you never get the chance to wear them, I'll still buy them for you! Who knows? You might need them one day. I mean you look proud in your uniform, but look at you! How could you waste such a nice body? You know how men are like. They'll get bored if you don't doll yourself up and change your style every now and then. You catch Edward's eyes, you keep his heart."

Deep down, Cynthia knew her son wasn't that kind of man she was describing. Once Edward fell in love with someone, he would love and cherish her forever. But this was how the world worked. There were lots of women out there drooling over Edward. Although Edward showed no interest in them, it didn't mean they wouldn't do anything to seduce him or sabotage his relationship with Daisy. Cynthia figured she'd better warn Daisy beforehand about it.

"Okay. I see. Thanks, mom. Let me get out of this dress first. I'll be quick." Daisy obediently answered with a nod. She knew Cynthia was trying to be nice, and she took her words seriously. It wasn't like that she had no faith in herself or Edward's feelings for her. The problem was that Edward was too amazing, and there were all kinds of women trying to lure him. There was a chance someday Edward would find Daisy boring and he needed some new excitement. Daisy knew love couldn't be maintained by just exchanging 'I love you'. She was a woman, and women knew these secrets by nature.

"Okay, take your time. We can find a cafe and have a rest after you're done. And then we can go to another shopping mall." Daisy, who was on her way to the changing room, almost slipped and fell to the floor out of shock when she heard what Cynthia had said. 'What? Another shopping mall? Seriously?' Daisy didn't know what to say. They had been shopping here, at this mall, for nearly two hours. And they had bought more things than they could carry. If Cynthia intended to go to another few malls and buy more clothes for her for the rest of the day, Daisy might need a new walk-in closet to fit her things in.

"Watch out, my dear child!" Upon seeing Daisy stagger, Cynthia cried out worriedly. Her words surprised every one inside the boutique, including the shopping assistant. They all curiously

corner of her lips. Although she was talking to the shopping assistant, her eyes were fixed on the door of the changing room all the time. One could easily tell how much she loved Daisy from her look and tone.

"That's because your daughter-in-law is so beautiful, and our clothes become more beautiful when she wears them. I'll pack them for you at once, please wait just a moment." The shopping assistant was experienced and professional. She complimented Daisy while selling their goods. Every one liked to be flattered; it seemed that Cynthia was no exception. She was delighted even after they had left the boutique and sat down in a cafe. There was a big happy smile on her face the whole time as she hummed a cheerful tune every now and then.

"Mom, you seem to be in good mood today, " Daisy said and took a sip of her coffee. Although she had no idea why Cynthia was extremely excited, she felt satisfied as long as Cynthia was happy. She didn't care why; she just wanted to see her family all happy and healthy.

"Yes! You know what? This is what I have wanted to do for so many years! Shopping all day long with my daughter, and buying her the most beautiful dresses in the world! I've always wanted a daughter. But clearly Jonathan doesn't. So Edward is our only son, and I didn't give birth to any other children. Do you know how much I envy my friends who could go shopping with their daughters and enjoy their precious mother-daughter time? And finally, you granted my wish today! I feel so happy right now. Thank you, Daisy!"

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