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   Chapter 356 Curvy Body (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5310

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The early autumn in the city was still warm. The sunshine glared down and made people sweat. Probably because the city was situated in the southern part of the country, it didn't feel much like autumn to Daisy. As a soldier, Daisy was used to all kinds of situations. However, it really tired her out when it came to shopping with her mother-in-law. Cynthia was way too passionate in picking out various kinds of clothes for her to try on. They had visited several stores and Daisy felt like as if she had tried on a million outfits. Right now, her dear mother-in-law pushed her into a fitting room again. This time, she earnestly dumped a mini skirt into her hands.

Daisy spent a lot of time in the fitting room, trying to put on the mini skirt. This was definitely the sexiest outfit she had ever worn in her life. The mini skirt came with a slim-cut top and she felt really uncomfortable as the outfit revealed way too much for her liking. She didn't even have the courage to step out of the fitting room.

"Daisy, how's it going? Does it fit? It should fit! I chose this carefully according to your size. I am actually very good at picking out clothes. I am sure it fits you perfectly." Cynthia became impatient as Daisy spent more time in the fitting room than she had expected. She wondered if she had picked out the wrong size. She shook her head as she was confident about her choice. The other clothes Daisy had tried on earlier were also the same size, so it couldn't be wrong.

"It fits. I'll be out soon." Daisy took a deep breath, pulled the mini skirt downwards as much as

grandson and lovely daughter-in-law, Cynthia decided to behave according to Edward's liking. She wanted her life to be interesting and fulfilling. It was not easy for her to have her current life. She finally started to feel at home. Although her son didn't accept her whole-heartedly, she knew it was just a matter of time for him to fully open up. At least for now, she got along really well with her daughter-in-law.

"You really scared me! Even if you bought it for me, I don't have the nerve to wear it. I don't have much occasion to wear casual clothes. Please don't buy me so many clothes. You should focus on yourself and buy whatever you like!" Daisy said honestly to her. She really meant it. In terms of outfits, she preferred her military uniform to these prissy dresses. Her uniform defined who she was and resembled what she believed in. She held special feelings towards her uniform as it witnessed her growth and development as a soldier. Her faith was so strong that she would never get rid of it. It belonged to her, through and through.

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