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   Chapter 355 Curvy Body (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5879

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Daisy woke up later than usual. She felt rather exhausted as Edward had been with her for the whole night. When she finally opened her eyes, the sun was high up in the air. She rolled over only to find Edward had left the bed.

She quickly refreshed herself in the bathroom and felt much better. She came down the stairs with caution as she still felt vague pain in her leg muscles. Apparently, someone really wore her out last night.

Today she carefully chose the outfit that suited her most. The elegant floor-length dress complemented her tall lean looks. As she walked down the stairs, her dress swiftly flipped around her ankles. She looked graceful and charming.

"Daisy! You're finally up! I've been waiting for you all morning." Daisy was still halfway on the staircases when Cynthia cried out to her in excitement. If not for the warning from her son this morning, Cynthia would have already dashed upstairs and woken Daisy herself.

"Mom, sorry for getting up late. What's the matter?" Daisy blushed as she felt a little bit guilty for being the last in the family to rouse herself. As the daughter-in law, she should have gotten up earlier.

"It's fine. I understand. I'm sure Edward tired you out last night." Cynthia's words were direct and her smile was as bright as the sun.

"Well! It's not like that..." Daisy's face turned even redder because of Cynthia's words. She felt so awkward that she didn't know where to rest her gaze. She wanted to dart out the door this very second. Her mother-in-law was so direct and deadpan about such an intimate matter.

"What do you mean it's not like that? This morning when he set out, he specifically told me not to disturb you so that you could rest thoroughly. I am quite amazed at his chang

much attention to her son as before. Deep down, she knew it was not the correct thing to do!

"Hey, don't say that. Justin is our beloved grandson, we're family. You don't need to act so formal with us. We have to put up with Edward's coldness already, don't you even think of treating us like strangers." Cynthia's beautiful face turned gloomy. She was sad about the fact that her son was acting all indifferently to them. They had been home for a couple of days now, however, Edward hadn't interacted much with them. She knew he held a grudge against them. Whenever she thought about it, her heart ached.

"Mom, I know. I'll have a word with him when I get a chance." Daisy noticed the strange way Edward treated his parents. She was confused and had absolutely no idea how to help them deal with the tension. She knew little about their history, or why Edward was so bitter.

"Never mind. Let him be! Whatever floats his boat. Let's get going, shall we?" Cynthia knew it would take a while for Edward to let go of the past. As the saying went, "Rome wasn't built in a day." She understood that it would take some time to solve the issues between them and Edward.

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