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   Chapter 354 You Used Me

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"What the hell? Luke, sweetie, I know I'm handsome, but you can't just throw yourself at me so eagerly. I'm very reserved," Rain said, touching his high nose which hurt like hell after having been crushed by Luke. Luke was not a small man, and it felt as if his body were made of iron.

"I'm not that horny yet. And don't call me sweetie." Luke moved quickly around Rain with a cool expression and walked in the CEO's office. Rain's affectation was totally ignored.

"Sweetie, what do you mean? Do you despise me? Am I not good enough for you?" Hearing Luke's words, Rain turned around to step into the room. His feelings were hurt. 'Unbelievable!' he thought. 'How could he indicate that an extremely handsome man like me was not good enough?'

"I don't despise you. I just don't like you," Luke answered, looking at Rain without a hint of smile on his face.

"Come on! That's the same thing." Rain rolled his eyes and then realized that it was pointless to talk about like or dislike with Luke, because in Luke's world only Edward mattered, and nobody else concerned him. He would be stupid to continue the topic.

Edward was amused by Rain and Luke's banter. Rain was always talking, yet Luke was not much of a talker. It was funny when they were together.

"Mr. Mu, you've got to watch this video." If Luke disliked someone, he wouldn't even look at him. It was who he was. At this moment, no matter what Rain said, he just ignored him and then calmly put his phone in front of Edward.

"What is it?" Luke sounded serious. Edward looked at him, confused and nervous about what he was to see. Somehow, he sensed it was related to Daisy.

"Play it and you'll know." Luke sighed inwardly. Someone screwed up. He wondered how Edward would deal with this matter.

"Er, maybe I should excuse myself," Rain asked cautiously. He stopped fooling around, sensing it was serious, "No, you don't have to," Luke said simply. He didn't ignore Rain this time. He just didn't like him playing around. When it came to serious business, he could be easygoing.

Edward took a deep breath and pressed the 'play' button. After some rustling noise, a man and a woman were seen standing together. Since the woman was standing with her back against the camera in the dim light, it was uncertain who she was. But Edward had seen the man at the cocktail party the night before, the one who had been at

s your job." Obviously, Edward was a better game player than Rain. Exploiting Rain was his entertainment. Otherwise, how would he have time to accompany Daisy? She hardly ever had a vacation.

Edward's response was a heavy blow to Rain. He pressed his face against the desk. Instead of benefits, he got a pressing deadline. He felt desperate. "What? Boss, you can't do this to me. I'll die from exhaustion. What about assigning Anna as my assistant?"

"You go ask Anna yourself. I have no problem with it if she agrees." Edward smiled mischievously. Anna had never engaged in major decisions-making and approvals, so she would only be able to help Rain with some simple files. Edward had intended to assign Aaron to assist Rain. Now that he asked for Anna, so be it. In this case, Aaron would be able to assist Edward with his work again and Edward would have more time for Daisy.

Hearing Edward's words, Luke twitched his mouth violently and thought Edward couldn't be more evil, because even if Anna agreed to assist Rain, as a secretary to the CEO, she would be concerned with the CEO's office all the time and in return, she would have less time to help Rain, which meant she wouldn't be of much help at all.

"OK. then as of now, Anna's main task is to assist me, so she won't be your secretary, temporarily of course." Rain wasn't stupid. He had chosen Anna for a reason, which he'd like to keep secret for now.

"No problem. I'll find somebody else to replace her." Edward gave an evil smile. He had thought Rain was sloppy, but today he was impressed with how shrewd Rain really was.

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