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   Chapter 353 You Win

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Edward frowned. It appeared that he needed to teach Rain a good lesson after this topic was finished. He was disappointed because Rain hadn't given him any important information yet.

"Have you heard it? The Army Group was planning to invite bids for the construction of a modernized information building and new residential buildings for soldiers and their families. But now they've given up the plan and handed over the case directly to the construction company of FX International Group." Enduring Edward's threatening looks, Rain finally spat out the key points. After Edward heard them, he really wanted to beat Rain to death. Because Rain had tormented him for so long, but the content was not what he wanted to hear. It was a total waste of time.

"You seem overjoyed by such a small project worthy of a small amount. Don't forget that the money we've financed them on the military equipment is several times larger than the money we will profit from this project." Edward stared at Rain. He regretted that he had chosen Rain to be the vice president of the company. He felt that Rain was just a sandwich short of a picnic. Especially after Annie left him abruptly.

"I knew you'd react like this. But what if I have more news? Would you still say that I'm deliberately casting a mist on your eyes?" Rain said with ease. He was determined to tease Edward this time. He was sure that Edward would stop staring at him with such a sullen look when he heard what he had to say.

"More news? Does it have anything to do with Daisy's displacement?"

This topic instantly cheered up Edward. As this concerned Daisy, he suddenly became relaxed and everything seemed negotiable.

"Yes, exactly. They said they

hings that troubled him. If Annie really loved him and didn't want to leave him, she would come back to Rain one day.

"Huh! You mean it's all my fault. Can you explain why the files which should be handled by you are sitting on my table?" Rain stared at Edward, feeling speechless. 'Edward is so shameless to say such words. Obviously, he transferred his work to me. And he is so brazen to put all the blame on me,' Rain thought.

"The reason is simple. I rarely get a chance to go out with Daisy. You need to help me manage all the work when I'm out. Otherwise, why am I paying you such a high monthly salary?" Edward didn't have the slightest feeling of shame when he said this. Because in his eyes, the vice president was supposed to work for him passionately. No one else was more suitable for this job than Rain.

"You win, okay? I will wait to see your miserable face when Daisy gets angry with you. You're so cunning. I hope you screw up your date and get a thrashing from Daisy." Rain cursed and turned around to leave; his face was flaming with fury. As soon as he opened the door, he bumped into Luke who was about to come inside.

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