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   Chapter 352 You Win (Part One)

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Kevin walked to the balcony and looked into the sky. His handsome face seemed concerned. He smiled with self-mockery and wondered, what had happened to him. He had told himself repeatedly that he should not hope for the love which didn't belong to him. So why was he still feeling sad when he saw their public display of affection?

He lit a cigarette. The peculiar smell of nicotine gagged him. He coughed lightly. The smell faded with the emission of smoke. He rarely smoked. Usually, he only smoked one or two cigarettes when he felt bored and lonely in the army base. He smoked tonight because his heart was overwhelmed.

He didn't deny the fact that he got married to Leena for selfish reasons. He wanted his father to give up on the idea of an arranged marriage, so he took advantage of Leena to reach his purpose. He used to consider such behavior as despicable. He was ashamed to admit that he had reduced to such an immoral level, just to be able to see Daisy regularly.

In fact, he didn't know why he was so persistent. He got used to watching the woman he loved and waiting. He got lost in his fantasies and didn't know what he really wanted. If he was a stubborn man who only wanted Daisy and who'd never consider another woman, why didn't he think about winning over Daisy? Or was his feeling for Daisy some sort of spiritual sustenance that had accumulated over the years. Perhaps, it wasn't the deep love he had thought it to be.

Kevin never considered himself as a sentimental person. But such annoying thoughts kept coming to him recently; he couldn't escape them. His mind was deeply troubled by these complex thoughts. He had thought that Leena was from an ordinary family when she married him, and that she became superior by marrying a high-ranking official. He didn't expect that she was the daughter of the owner of Leng Group.

unningly looked at Edward with raised eyebrows. He was wondering how much this topic would interest Edward.

"Oh! What did they say?" He always paid attention to any news concerning Daisy. Edward also knew that Rain was intentionally keeping him in suspense, he was inclined to fall into his trap.

"Boss, don't you think that we have made a fortune this time?" Rain continued to talk in circles. Seeing Edward's keenness, he tried to torment him some more. Generally, Rain was the one on the receiving end of torture. Today he wanted to turn the tide and enjoy the pleasure of torturing Edward.

"I'll give you a minute to spit out the relevant information. Otherwise, get out of here immediately!" Edward narrowed his eyes and coldly looked at Rain who was smiling smugly. 'Huh, how dare he play these childish games with me. Does he think that I'm weak and helpless today?' Edward thought.

"I know you're impatient. You know what, you're extremely mean to me, and you can't stand the happiness of others. You should know that while we have spent a fortune on the army project, we have also gotten good returns." Rain was testing Edward's limits. Edward wanted to punch him after hearing his reply because he didn't say anything useful.

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