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   Chapter 351 Honey, Are You Ready

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"When did I reject your help? Honey, you must have misheard me. You will help gather my clothes, won't you? Please." Daisy's girlish tone gave even herself goose bumps. It was hard for her to imagine how some women could spit out these corny words of coquetry. They must have been immune to

Them thanks to frequent practice. Yet not her. She still felt uncomfortable doing that.

"Daisy, wow. Are you denying what you just said? Are you also a liar in front of your soldiers?" Edward looked at her, eyes widened in surprise. Daisy was not who she had been before. She was foxier and more mischievous now, unlike the noble and serious army officer she used to be. Hopefully, she wouldn't lead other soldiers to play rogue like her.

"No. Because no soldier would get in my way like you do. They know I'd beat them up and punish them with 50k of cross-country running." Daisy would like to have Edward be her subordinate. This way she was able to slam the door, or give him a suplex after putting on her clothes and train him for the whole day, without worrying about the consequences. Then Edward would be too exhausted to do anything, let alone block her.

Edward responded with hearty laughter. Meanwhile, a hint of foxiness rose from his eyes. At Daisy's careless moment, he pushed the door and nudged into the room. Daisy was shocked. She immediately covered her private parts. Yet she still remained naked before Edward. So she rushed into his arms and embraced him tightly, this way Edward would see fewer parts of her naked body. Her abrupt hug caught Edward by surprise.

"Honey, even though I'm delicious, you should keep your cool. Huh." Edward soon shook it off, and resumed teasing her. 'Doesn't she know that she just sent herself, the prey, to me, the predator? She is all naked, pressing herself against me. No man could ever resist such temptation.' Edward pondered.

Daisy didn't realize what she had done until she felt the warmth of Edward's body. But she had done it anyway. She was too embarrassed to jump out of his arms now. She only wished to bury all of her into Edward's arms. She dare not speak another word as she felt Edward's erect member. She had no choice but to cling onto him.

Edward's Adam's apple rolled as his desire rose. Next step he slightly bent down, held Daisy up, and walked to the soft bed.

"What..." Finding herself suddenly off the floor, Daisy hugged Edward's neck with fright, her cheeks growin

g. That left Kevin with no other choice. With a long sigh, he stood up and began to help change her burden of the evening dress.

But he didn't realize the difficulty of his task until he set his hands on it. He hadn't had as many women as Edward had, so naturally he didn't know much about how to take off their clothes. He took off her clothes only to the waist after a long while of hustle. And that had used quite a lot of his energy. On the one hand, he had to fight with the tricky dress; on the other hand, he had to resist the temptation of her curvy figure. Indeed, it was no easy job.

Normally, Kevin's clumsy movements would have awakened Leena. Well, not tonight----she drank too much alcohol to flee her bad mood. So she had no reaction, except some occasional frowns indicating that she was disrupted. She had no idea that Kevin was struggling with her evening gown.

"Alas! What a little trouble-maker." Kevin said gently. After a string of strenuous efforts, he finally changed her dress into comfortable pajamas. Changing her clothes was even more tiring than a long day of military training. He had planned to wake her up and let her shower. But he gave up the idea after seeing her sleeping like a log.

He caressed her smooth face with mixed feelings. He knew that he neglected her tonight. But she didn't complain about him, but defended him in front of Rain and Tom. Was it because that she didn't love or care about him at all? Or was she just trying to play it cool? Anyway he felt that she was upset, or she wouldn't have gulped down so much alcohol tonight. He wondered how he could make things better.

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