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   Chapter 350 I Can Undress Myself (Part Three)

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"Go ahead. I won't peep. But do you think there's any part of your body I haven't already seen?" Although Edward kept flirting with her, he turned around as she demanded. He knew Daisy was coy. If he pushed her too hard, she would really get angry with him. And Edward didn't plan to waste their night quarreling with her. He decided he'd better take a step back right now, so he could take things a step further after she finished her shower.

Daisy obviously didn't believe him. She wrapped herself with a sheet and hastily dashed toward the bathroom. Edward burst into snickers while hearing her hurried footsteps. 'Did she just say she didn't need my help? Didn't she notice that she didn't bring her pajamas in?' Edward beamed as he gazed at the closed door, 'Now, we'll just have to wait.'

He casually grabbed a towel to dry his wet hair, then he threw the towel on the floor. As he was about to turn, Edward suddenly remembered what he had promised Daisy. He stared at the towel for a while and sighed. He picked it up and placed it on the back of a nearby chair. Daisy was a soldier; she liked to see things in order, and she brought her habits into her daily life.

Edward turned around and saw the gorgeous and sexy dress Daisy wore that night. He could still recall how the other men drooled over his wife! He was so jealous that he really wanted to wrap Daisy up with his suit jacket to block other men's lustful gazes. Then he thought of the purpose of the party was to let the whole world know how beautiful and brilliant his wife was. No matter how jealous he got, he had to keep it to himself for the time being.

Daisy was definitely the focus of the whole party. She was the brightest diamond on the crown that outshone every woman present. She was stunning; she was Edward's wife, and she was a colonel! Edward believed that she would make the headlines tomorrow. Every newspaper and media outlet would be dying to write reports about her. Everyone would know who she was by then. Edward initially meant to sponsor the army base to back her up; but since some people didn't know she was Edward's wife and tried to mes

e Daisy's head. He wondered how sexy it must be behind the door where Daisy only wore a bath towel, or was even naked! Her curves were more appealing as she pushed hard and tried to close the door.

"Honey, just back off and pass me my pajamas, will you?" Daisy gave up on the hard way and tried to play cute. It worked every time when she called Edward 'honey' softly. Would Edward concede this time? Absolutely not! He was pissed when Daisy called another man by his first name on the party, even though that man was her younger brother. Daisy usually called Edward by his full name, and she only addressed him as 'honey' when she needed something. Edward wouldn't surrender easily this time.

"Remember, you said you didn't need my help. Did you forget already? I can't help wondering whether you were washing your body or your brain for the past half hour, "

Edward answered slowly with a smirk as if he had no intention to fetch her pajamas. Daisy, on the other hand, was anxious to death! She didn't wear anything and she didn't want Edward to see her like that. Meanwhile, she was afraid Edward would catch her off-guard and barge in. She had no choice but to press herself against the door, but she couldn't push it too hard because it might hurt Edward's feet. Looking up at the culprit who had put her into such a miserable situation, Daisy found his smirk really annoying and she wanted to kick him so badly.

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