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   Chapter 349 I Can Undress Myself (Part Two)

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"I'll help you undress. What else do you think I want to do?" Edward smirked again. He had underestimated her! But no woman could resist his charm and reject him, and Edward believed Daisy would concede in just a short while.

"Edward, you're evil!" Daisy blushed again and looked away. She would definitely not approach Edward since he had stated what he wanted to do to her. She knew he was lascivious, but she didn't think he'd say it out loud. She wouldn't fall into his trap again!

"What are you thinking, honey? You can't reach the zip, can you? I'm just trying to help. Or do you want to do something else with me instead?" Edward was telling the truth. He did mean to unzip Daisy since she couldn't take off the dress on her own. However, he also wanted to do something more intimate and romantic with her after taking off her dress. But he decided that Daisy didn't need to know the last part of his plan, yet. His image of a good husband in her heart might be tarnished in that case.

"No, I can undress myself." Daisy decided to try again. Things wouldn't be as simple as taking off a piece of clothing if she went to Edward for help. And she knew it well.

"Are you sure?" Edward got out of bed as he asked again. Startled, Daisy staggered a few steps backward. She knew better than anyone what Edward was capable of when it came to seducing a woman. She didn't want to play the part of his prey again tonight.

"Yes." Hands still covering her chest, Daisy gazed at Edward defensively, in case he suddenly flung himself against her. She was wearing a dress, and she couldn't last over 60 seconds in this dress before Edward took her down.

"Okay. Good luck with that. I'm going to have a shower. I'm happy to help if you are still in that dress when I finish." With a sly smile, Edward shrugged and walked directly toward the bathroom. When he went past Daisy, he quickly held her chin up with his long fingers and left a gentle kiss on her rosy lips. Before Daisy realized what had happened, he let go of her and laughed out loud as he disappeared behind the bathroom door. Daisy froze, 'Did he just stop forcing himself on me? Why does he never play by the rules?'

While Daisy was still in shock, Edward was gloating inside the bathroom. He knew Daisy would

f strength, pulled the dress off her body. He determined to leave her no choice. Daisy let out a terrified scream as she felt her body exposed in the cold air. She hurriedly pulled over a quilt to cover her up.

"Ahh! Edward! What are you doing?" Daisy hadn't expected that Edward would suddenly strip her down. The first thing came to her mind was to cover herself up; she had completely forgotten that she was supposed to be asleep.

"Nothing. Weren't you asleep? As you can see, I'm helping you take off your dress and grab a shower." Edward put on an innocent look as he answered. However, he was smirking inside, 'Keep on playing! As if you could fool me.'

"No. I can manage on my own." Was he kidding? Daisy would never believe that Edward would help her take a shower without doing anything else. She was no fool!

"Are you sure, honey? You said you didn't need my help with the dress, and here you are. Are you really sure this time?" The more Daisy blushed, the more Edward felt like teasing her. She was a tough girl; it was rather rare to see her surrender.

"Absolutely! Now turn around! I need to go to the bathroom! Alone!" Daisy was a military officer, she was used to seeing topless soldiers and their broad chests after training. But now seeing Edward in front of her with only a bath towel around his waist, Daisy got nervous and didn't know where to look. And did he just threaten her? Daisy believed that she didn't need help taking a bath. She was a grown-up woman, not a 3-year-old child!

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