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   Chapter 348 I Can Undress Myself (Part One)

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Luke gazed at Daisy from the rear view mirror, hesitated for a moment and finally swallowed what he wanted to say. He thought he'd better wait for Edward to wake up. After all, it would be more appropriate that Edward handled it by himself.

A Rolls-Royce Silver Charm dashing through the midnight street was definitely something eye-catching. It was rare to see such a luxurious car in S City. Besides, through the half-open window, people could see a young woman as gorgeous as an elven princess sitting in the back seat. Luke constantly heard tires squealing as drivers hit their brakes to avoid hitting anyone -- they were so distracted by Daisy's beauty.

A gentle night breeze brushed Daisy's face through the window. She shuddered from the cold and came back to her senses. She looked down and saw Edward sleeping soundly on her lap. He looked so handsome even when he was asleep. Daisy suddenly felt at ease. No matter what would happen in the future, at least she was happy for the moment.

Gently caressing his eyebrows with her cold fingers, Daisy found herself spellbound by Edward's sleeping profile. In contrast to being aggressive and appealing when he was awake, he looked quiet and tame right now. Somehow Daisy found him more attractive like this. She felt like she could see through him now. She was tired of trying hard to figure what he was thinking whenever she looked into his eyes. Perhaps she was being silly, but she was frightened because she was not a mind reader. She didn't know if Edward loved her as she loved him; she would sometimes wondered whether all the sweet moments they shared were merely her wishful thinking.

Luke could sense that Daisy was lost in thought during their way back. She was so focused that she seemed not to notice that Luke had stopped the car. Luke cast a hesitant gaze at Daisy and finally decided to interrupt her, "Mrs. Mu, we're here."

"What? Oh, I'm sorry. I was miles away. Can you help get him out of the car?" Daisy pulled herself together and smiled awkwardly at Luke. She could manage to carry Edward out of the car if it were not for the long dress she was wearing, which restricted her movements.

"Yeah. I'll just carry him to the bedroom. You know wh

ed. Even Edward himself was surprised by his quirk. He thought it might have something to do with his germaphobia.

"Were you pretending to be drunk?" Daisy wasn't sure. He seemed to sleep so soundly on their way home, and it didn't look like an act. But if he was drunk, why would he suddenly wake up when she was taking off her clothes?

"Will you believe me if I say no?" Edward smiled weakly as he rubbed his aching temples because of the alcohol, his eyes fixed on her plump chest, which was slightly quivering as she spoke and moved. He was getting turned on.

"I'll believe whatever you say." Daisy obviously didn't just refer to what they were talking about now. Edward had done many things without telling her. Daisy tried to tell herself that Edward did what he did for her good, and he just didn't want to see her get hurt.

"Come here." Edward didn't know why Daisy became sentimental all of a sudden, nor did he care. All he wanted for the moment was to hold her in his arms and calm himself with her unique scent. Her embraces had the magical power to restore him from any pain and sorrow, let alone a hangover.

"Why?" Daisy asked nervously while covering her chest with her palms and staring at Edward warily. Did he think she didn't notice where he was looking? She wasn't blind! She might be slow in their sex life, but she was no fool. She could see a hint of lust in his eyes. She knew he must have come up with something, and she didn't plan to play along.

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