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   Chapter 347 You Again

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When Brian just walked out of the hotel, a scream rang out at the ceremony. Jessica covered her exposed chest awkwardly and furiously gazed at Justin who had embarrassed her.

"Little devil, it's you again! What did I do to you? Why is my luck so bad every time I see you?" Several months ago, Justin had also played a prank on Jessica at the Leng residence. Today he embarrassed her again. Last time, Edward sat beside her and she was able to act like a spoiled child in front of him, but today, nobody could help her, which made her sad.

"Aunt, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to step on the trim of your dress to strip you. It was an accident." Justin pretended to sound sincere, but he was actually extremely happy. 'Stupid cow, what goes around comes around. You bullied my mommy, so you deserve this. I'm not a child who is playing around all the time. I keep an eye on the people around mommy. I even have gotten to know my young uncle,' Justin thought. Justin and Brian agreed to keep their acquaintance a secret. Not even Daisy could know.

"You little punk! You're still making excuses to defend yourself. I'll rip your mouth!" Exposed, Jessica felt embarrassed already. But Justin talked about it openly and loudly afterward, as if he wished everybody to know. Instantly, everyone was watching her. She thought Justin had stepped on her dress deliberately to make her dress fall off. Fortunately, she was quick enough to pull it upward. But some eyes still caught that embarrassing scene.

Jessica hated Justin's guts. If it hadn't been for him, Edward wouldn't have neglected her unborn baby. She wouldn't have been abandoned either. So she thought that Edward would love her again if that bastard Justin disappeared.

"Rip his mouth? Please, try it," a deep and cold voice said. Jonathan raised his eyebrows grimly like a devil out of Hell. He ignored Jessica and with a wince looked at Justin who was acting innocent.

"It's none of your damn business!" Jessica replied in a rude tone. She didn't know Jonathan. When she was with Edward, Jonathan and Cynthia had been abroad on vacation.

"Grandpa, I didn't do it on purpose. Her dress is too long. I stepped on it by accident." Jessica was shocked to hear Justin call Jonathan Grandpa. She had noticed this man who was solemn and dignified as a king, but since she'd only been thinking about Edward, she hadn't paid much attention to Jonathan. Knowing he was Edward's father, she was too stunned to react to Jonathan's words.

"OK. Let's go home." Jonathan was a self-centere

rted to socialize with the high-level of the group army. What was he secretly trying to do? She had no idea about all this.

She had been trying to figure out who had reported her to the military base. She thought it was Jessica, because she hated her most, but Daisy had no solid proof. Before she confirmed it, she couldn't accuse her. It was a society which valued evidence after all. Daisy felt confused. Who else could it be? She couldn't think of anybody who held a grudge against her except Jessica.

At the ceremony party, Daisy didn't get any good news from the Army Commander. It seemed that it would be some time before she got reinstated. Never mind. She would just consider it a long vacation. She would still finish the war game report as soon as possible, though, because as the commanding officer of the red force in the war games, she was the most suitable person to do it.

She had lost all hope in Leo. She would have no expectations of him in the future. With a sad twitch of her lips, she suddenly realized how pathetic she was. It was a solid fact that Mary wasn't Leo's biological daughter. Why did he treat them so differently? Did he really hate her so much? She wondered why.

Daisy wasn't narrow-minded. But she got emotional when she saw Jessica hugging Edward. As an ordinary woman, she got jealous. She recalled the sweet days they had spent together. Her heart ached. She had thought that as long as she loved him, she would be able to tolerate anything from his past. Now it seemed that she was wrong. The more she loved him, the more she cared about the little things. Gradually, she lost her confidence and worried too much. She took Jessica's words to heart.

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