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   Chapter 346 I Don't Hate You (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5380

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"Brian, it's just a small misunderstanding. Never mind. I'll take care of it." Leo tried to comfort his son. Leo had no intention of explaining the whole thing to Brian, because he thought Brian was too young to understand anything.

'A misunderstanding?' Daisy forced a bitter smile; she looked devastated and exhausted. 'That's what he thinks of me and all he has done - a simple misunderstanding. Why would I feel sorry for myself for not having a father, especially when my father is this despicable? It's not worth it.' Daisy thought to herself.

"Dad, I was disappointed with how you treated Daisy when she was little. Now please don't make me hate you. A misunderstanding, really? Now I get it. No wonder Daisy pretended not to know me last time we met. That's the reason!" Brian tried to hold back the urge to burst into tears. He knew things wouldn't be as simple as they looked; however, he had never expected that the truth would be horrible like this. He didn't even know what he could do at this point.

Edward said nothing but held Daisy tighter. Daisy had never told him that she met Brian before. Judging from their happy reunion, Edward could sense that she really loved her younger brother. And yet she had to pretend not to know him last time they met. It wasn't hard for Edward to imagine how painful it was. But she did it, didn't she? Her bravery broke Edward's heart again.

"Brian, how could you talk to your father like that? You don't know anything!" Yakira interrupted her son sternly. She had no inkling that Leo would talk to Daisy when her back was turned. She was standing ba

you said today." Edward sneered again. Did she just threaten him? Did she even know what was waiting for her?

"Honey, don't mind her. Let's go. Don't you have many clients to greet?" Daisy stopped Edward with a tired voice. Daisy suddenly realized that Edward had once again witnessed her broken life. She didn't want him to. She wanted him to love her because of who she was, not because he felt sorry for her.

"Clients are not important, but you are." Edward said what he meant. He didn't mind that others would hear and envy them. He had wasted too much time not knowing what was important to him. Now he finally found the invaluable treasure of his life - his wife and son.

The only delightful moment that Brian had ever felt the whole night was when he reconciled with Daisy. Therefore, when Edward left with Daisy to greet other guests, he left the party without any hesitation. He had heard too much at one night, and he needed time to think it through. Then Brian thought of the promise he had made to the little boy; his lips curled into a tender smile.

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