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   Chapter 344 Ambiguous Relationship (Part Two)

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"You're late, don't try to hide it. You came after me." Edward raised his eyebrows and looked at Tom with a cunning smile. Tom looked good today. Edward punched his eyes earlier, but now there were no traces of wounds on his face. It seemed his ointment was very effective. It's ability to heal the wounds was surprising.

"It was all your fault. Don't you remember what you did to me yesterday night? And still, you have the nerve to blame me for being late.'' Tom stared at Edward with irritation. If Edward hadn't asked him to watch over Daisy whole night, he wouldn't have had to work on the surgery plans for a critically ill patient this morning. The surgery got delayed for several hours, Edward's call had caused all this delay, and he was late for the party.

"Yesterday night, wow! It appears that something interesting happened yesterday. And you two were together? Your words are ambiguous, and that can trigger a lot of imaginations." Rain gossiped as soon as he sensed Edward and Tom's peculiar behaviors. Apparently, he had forgotten that he was splashed all over by Duke moments ago.

"Yes! Do you want to know what we did yesterday? Are you feeling curious?" Edward sneered slyly and narrowed his eyes to stare at Rain cunningly.

"Err... Well... Not exactly. I'll pass." Rain gave up his prying when he saw Edward's playful smile. He knew that every time Edward gave this expression, someone was bounded to suffer. He wasn't stupid enough to find trouble for himself.

"Edward, tell us. What did you guys do yesterday? Your relationship seems shady!" Rain didn't dare to ruffle Edward's feathers, that didn't mean Leena also felt afraid. Therefore when Rain stopped pestering Edward, Leena began to question curiously.

Edward pursed his lips. Damn, why did he forget that the nosy Leena was also here?

"Leena, when did yo

and distressed face and asked with concern. Although they liked to laugh at each other's weak points, that didn't mean they were taking pleasure in other people's misfortune. This was their way of showing care for each other. They always rubbed salt on wounds so they would feel numb to the unbearable pain.

"Let him be. He will be better after a while. But I wonder what's going on with Annie. She used to love Rain. They why did she run away without any intimation? Ah! Women are strange! It's so difficult to understand them. As the saying goes, a woman's heart is like a needle at the bottom of the ocean." Edward shook his head noncommittally, his eyes focusing on Daisy who was standing beside Belinda. His eyes inadvertently beamed with tenderness and joy.

Kevin liked how they got along with each other. They always made fun of each other on the surface, but they cared about each other in their hearts. Kevin was moved by their friendship. At the same time, he felt sad, because he thought that it was a long way for him to fit into their world. It wasn't about the difference of status, but the state of mind. Their friendship wasn't built in one day, the trust and love they shared was the result of years of togetherness.

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