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   Chapter 343 Ambiguous Relationship (Part One)

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"Uncle Kevin, so you are the unlucky guy." Kevin was deeply troubled by Leena's popularity. He felt embarrassed, just then Justin appeared in front of them. He had been running all over the venue throughout the party. His red and radiant face revealed that he was having a good time.

"What unlucky guy?" Kevin was confused by Justin's sudden remark which came out of nowhere. He looked at Justin dubiously. Everything was going rather smoothly with him. He couldn't remember anything unlucky happening to him recently. So why did Justin see him as an unlucky guy? Kevin wondered.

"Oh, well! That's because you are the hero who has saved all men in the world by sacrificing yourself to marry Aunt Leena. You're awesome, Uncle Kevin!" Justin stared at Kevin impatiently, as if mocking him for his stupidity. Justin believed that his Uncle Kevin was doomed for getting married to that wicked Leena. He already seemed so baffled, probably because of Aunt Leena's torture. If Uncle Kevin continued to live with her for the rest of his life, his life would be totally ruined by her, Justin thought.

"You brat, you dared to speak ill of me. Wait and watch how I will get back at you later." Leena didn't know when and how she had offended this charming boy, and why he went against her all the time. Was she really as bad as he said? He made it sound like she was disagreeable to everyone, but that wasn't true, Leena thought.

"I wasn't speaking ill of you! It's a fact. Uncle Kevin, why didn't you consult me before you decided to marry Aunt Leena. I would have saved you from her torture. It was truly an unwise decision, and your glorious image is ruined in my eyes now." Justin didn't have the slightest concern about Leena's threat. He knew she was all talk and no action. To put it more clearly, her bark was worse than her bite. So he didn't care about her warning at all.

"Kevin, you tell him, have I ruined your glorious image? Justin, y

th. He was shocked when he heard Justin describe himself as "innocent." Justin was a clever and mischievous boy. He had quite the nerve to use a beautiful word like "innocent" for himself. If Duke hadn't known him, he might not have reacted like this. Everyone present here knew how cunning Justin was. But Justin seemed unaware of this. He dared to brag about himself without any shame or hesitation.

"Do you think we all are deaf? And what does Justin have to do with your manners?" Rain stared at Duke with rage; he felt that Duke's question was stupid.

"Tom, you're late, you must punish yourself by drinking three glasses of wine first." Duke changed the topic intentionally. He knew that Rain lost his temper rather quickly since Annie left. So he thought it would be better if he didn't irritate the already grumbling man. Also, Justin who had ignited this frenzy was already gone. He felt it needless to defend himself now.

"Who said I'm late. I came here early, even before the ceremony started. You didn't see me because all your attention was focused on your wife." It appeared that Duke wanted to use Tom to distract Rain's anger. But, Tom wouldn't admit he was late so easily. There were so many people at the party, it was understandable that Duke didn't pay attention to Tom.

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